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For my friends past, present and yet to come.

Updated on January 11, 2015


At this time I dont have an account on Facebook so you can't befriend me there. Sorry I just had to say that. However I do talk to people all the time. Both at home and at work. Its interesting that some of the people from work have become friends that I still talk to. While others seem to just come and go. This can be said with anyone you meet.

This young lady I once met came into my life and back out several times. But through it all we remained friends. This is a shameless plug as the lady in question is now my wife and we will be married 20 years in August of 2012.

It is amazing how some doors close and others will refuse to shut. With friends the door never closes. It may go ajar once and a while but no matter what happens that door will never be locked shut.

Revelations 3:8 King James Version

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.


As a side note Kevin was the best man at our wedding.


How do you begin to describe a friend

Where do you start where do you end

Where goes the laughter where goes the pain

In the story of life none was in vain

Through the hours of talking

the debates sometimes criminal

Past scripture and lyrics

remarks forward & some subliminal

The friendship went on

much did we reap

Even on those nights

when one fell asleep

The giving the taking

the sharing of thought

Try as hard as you might

none can be bought

So carry on with your life

and I with mine

Just remember I'm your friend

'til the end of time

- PaigSr ©

January 4, 1991

For Toni who ever she may choose to be

Another side note Toni was the maid of honor at our wedding.

For Toni whom ever she may choose to be

the words for her are many

with each there comes a double meaning

those that her friends hear and understand

and those for the world to glimpse and wonder at

her beauty is there for all to marvel at

but she does not see it clearly

it shines through in her actions

that flow as gracefully as any dancers

the people who ignore her in her dance through life

have lost a great deal of themselves

for she can bring out joy and happiness in everyone

with all the demands upon her she can still share of herself

the experience that is Toni is one to be savored

taken in whatever dosage she is willing to share

but don't keep her to yourself or clip her spirit

for without her how dull our existence would be

– PaigSr ©

February 22, 1991

Recomendations on Amazon

Michael W. Smith - Friends

To quote the song - And Friends are Friends forever and the Lors the Lord of them.

© 2012 PaigSr

Good feedback is always loked forward to. - Things that you do with a friend are also good to hear.

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