Are the Green Lanterns diverse?

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    AaronHubb89posted 5 years ago

    We have Hal Jordan who is a womanizer and a little hot-headed.
    We have John Stewart aka "the black Green Lantern" who seems (from what I know) to always do the right thing or at least try to.
    We have Kyle Rayner who is the artsy and a little naive.
    We have Guy Gardner who is the douchebag.
    We have the NEW Alan Scott who is a homosexual (but only in Earth 2).
    We now have Baz, the new, Arab-American, Muslim Green Lantern.

    All of this in the name sake for diversity. I honestly don't mind the first three. I hate Guy Gardner, I think he's a prick. I don't like that the new Alan Scott is gay and although I believe that Baz may have a more solid story than the two previously mentioned, I don't like that he is an Muslim. With all the talks of diversity we don't see any characters who are Christians, I personally would like to see John Stewart start bringing forth a positive Christian belief. But why are there no Christian superheroes who are just as loud about their beliefs as the gay and Muslim. The only character I can think of is Nightcrawler from the X-Men. I am beginning to feel alienated from the very source of entertainment that I love.