Can you accept yourlover, when she or he has other lover ?

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    selmi001posted 5 years ago

    Once, there was something wrong with me. I found my girl style. She was my new neighbor who just moved from a city of Jakarta. She has long hair, white skin, Indian eyes and clever at singing. She happened to be a local singer who entertained in one of Indonesian hotel, near by my home area. I began to fall in love with her. I encouraged myself to see her with a good reason that I wanted to know a new neighbor. Shortly, I moved to her house without permitting to my wife. There, I had a long chat, and then I had a good response from her, she knew that I was married, but it seemed not to be a serious risk to take. At the end of the first chatting, she said with beautiful white teeth on her “Would you come here a gain to morrow?” Then I just nodded.

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      jomineposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Wrong forum.