Stolen Hubs for Those Writing About English Literature

  1. LisaKoski profile image96
    LisaKoskiposted 4 years ago

    A couple of days ago, I ran across these two Facebook pages that had taken hubs of mine and copied and pasted them into posts. Not the link, the actual content. They also didn't credit to me at all and even gave them different titles. I got the posts removed but I just thought I would let others know because, at least for the profile for "English literature" it looks like they have some other articles in posts on their site. I'm pretty sure they're the same person so, even though I don't see much on JusT EnGlish's profile, I figured I'd include that here as well.

    So, for any who write on anything English literature related, I'd maybe check these sites out. I found them by google-ing portions of my articles so that might be an easier way to find out. I know they're trying to do good by sharing educational type information for students but I feel like they stole some of my potential readership by just posting the text there instead of just sharing a link to my article.

    1. FlourishAnyway profile image100
      FlourishAnywayposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Although I do not write on this topic, I do know how frustrating this is.  I had a national bullying website copy the entire content of one of my hubs on his own website.  This bullying expert -- a psychologist like myself -- Facebooked and tweeted it linking it back to his website too.  He had my byline, but there was absolutely no reason to visit my HubPages site if the whole thing was on his site.  He also dubbed it a guest blog, even though I did not know about it.  I requested that he remove it and he did, but I didn't find out until months later.