Libertarian Senate.

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    themadimadimadiposted 3 years ago

    [i have recently received several postcards in the mail from the Libertarian party of Colorado, requesting advocates to run for senate in a libertarian position.
    Though I did not have the most serious intentions, I wrote to the libertarian party to briefly share my thoughts and views on life.  I have taken out few elements such as personal information about myself. For the sake of the enjoyment of writing, enjoy]

    Dear Libertarian Party,
    I have received a few post cards in the mail from you suggesting I run for libertarian senate.
    Though I am ill prepared, I accept your request.

    Let me tell you a little about myself and my belief system.
    My name is Madison, age 21 of Denver, Colorado.
    I attended CSU for a year and a half. My father passed away and I was unable to return because my grant was taken away and immediately turned into collection.
    I can no longer see getting a degree in my future, it seems unreachable in my life. However my plan was to major in English and women's studies and
    pursue some career in fighting for total equality among humans.
    Because of my financial inability to continue attending college I've come to a conclusion I will have to some how make it on my own to pursue my dreams of fighting for the right to be human.
    I'm very passionate about equality. And while I am thankful for the current gay marriage revolution, I'm aware inequality goes far beyond the right to love who you love. However, I am worried because I don't think there are enough people (especially in my generation) who realize "equality" is not exclusive to marriage rights.
    I sincerely believe every human on this earth deserve the chance treated and accepted for who and what they are, as well as the same rights and opportunities. After all we are all born human.
    I am not the biggest fan of the way society is run. Everything that society lives for was made up by man. Money, religion, politics, all made up by man. In a sense, they are not real.

    I think this day and age needs someone to stand up and start speaking. We need something new, we need actual change.
    I worry for the future of not only out society, but the entire world. Everyone around me seems to be belligerent to what's going on on this planet that we all share. It seems that people have lost a sense for the meaning of "human being". This scares me. And unfortunately, I don't think anything is going to happen for a long, long time.
    To me, it seems we are in dire need of a revolution.

    While I realize I'm too young to really run for any position, I hope I've sparked your interest.
    I hope you will see my name in the future.
    -Madison G