Strange Passage I Wrote, What Am I Saying?

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    Kain 360posted 3 years ago

    Sometimes I have these feelings where I feel compelled to write them down. Various words seem to just come to me magically (not quite literally). I intentionally wrote this to sound strange, without an obvious meaning or answer. It's not written in a direct or blunt way, although looking carefully at the words you may understand.

    How would you interpret what I wrote in your own words? Note the meaning of this passage may apply to several things.

    The imagery is simply too strong and is seemingly boundless. What resonates inside only grows more abundant regardless of whether or not it is acknowledged consciously because the subconscious will continue to pursue to no end. What is being portrayed in this introspective imagery is not fully recognized or fathomed. Resisting it only makes it persist, as its tight grasp will take hold inevitably. It evokes vibes and a peculiar feeling that is partially understood, but can’t be fully understood because the waking conscious is currently disillusioned towards what it sees and has experienced. However, there is a sense of enlightenment when these scenarios are being presented within the constructs of the mind. But can this be trusted or this a deception? The associations within these images often makes the conscious feel a sense of euphoria, but are these simply illusions that are not genuine? Regardless, the images are merely fragments of something whole. And that whole. . . is currently unknown. One can only perceive and conceptualize so much until there is only confusion and a sense of being adrift.

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      Beth37posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      It looks as if you're trying to say you have a rash.

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        Kain 360posted 3 years agoin reply to this

        lol what?

        This is not a joke tongue

        Not quite related, but do you consider yourself a spiritual person?