Flash Fiction A to Z Challenge

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    simonsezposted 3 years ago

    Here is a writing exercise for fun. It will stimulate your mind, challenge your skills, and hopefully, entertain all the readers who follow.  Write a complete story in 26 sentences. Each sentence must begin with a sequential letter of the alphabet. Liberty can be taken with the X (using words like "except", or "excellent").  Can you do it?  I will start.

    by C.A. Simonson

    Alone, he was forced to make a critical choice.  Before leaving, he took one last look at the picture on the shelf, impulsively touched the face behind the glass tracing her face with his finger, then kissed it. Carefully, he removed the photo from its frame, lit a match and burned it to ash, dumping the remains in the trash. Dared not leave any damning evidence behind. Every fiber of his being hated what he knew he must do; it made his skin crawl but there was no turning back now.
    Focused on his task, he must hurry before he changed his mind. Garrison opened the briefcase to ensure everything was securely enclosed in the envelope: untouched, unopened. Harsh winds blasted his face as he opened the door; winter had been cruel in more ways than one. It will be over soon, he assured himself. Judge Abernathy is counting on me to make the transfer. Keys in hand, the door closed behind him for the last time. Looking back, he quietly said goodbye to all he had ever known and loved. Maybe some good will come from this yet; if it did, it was long in coming. Neglecting his own safety, he accepted the task of Keeper; his only regret was leaving Katie behind. Only a small window was given: midnight, the twelfth of December. Perhaps that had special meaning – 12-12-12? But he asked no questions, only arranged a meeting.
    Quickly, he hid the briefcase beneath a blanket and drove to the appointed spot. Restless, he scanned nervously for any onlookers; didn’t think things would escalate this far. Silently he waited for the contact to show. Twisted guts told him danger was imminent although another quick scan promised he was alone.

    Under the darkness, at 11:58 p.m., he saw a man approach, hidden beneath a wide-brimmed hat, uncertain in his steps, nervous, searching. Valuable goods retrieved, Garrison hailed the man, then handed the mysterious envelope to the faceless stranger.
    Whispering he asked, “Should I call the Judge and let him know?”
    Xerostomia overtook the man and he licked his lips; "No, tell no one... instead...” the man called over his shoulder, “...RUN!”
    “Yes sir, you can count on me; just glad to be done with it,” Garrison twitched as he watched him disappear in the blackness.
        Zooming in overhead, the single quiet drone targeted its victim and finished the task.

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    Kathryn L Hillposted 3 years ago

    FINE. I will take this challenge.

    By K.L.Hill

    Almost asleep, Angela snuggled under the covers in the bed which she shared with her husband, Leo. But, suddenly, Leo started tossing, turning and sighing loudly.
    "Can't sleep?" Angela asked.
    "Don't have enough money," Leo grumbled.
    "Enough money!" Angela exclaimed in surprise.
    "Forget about it. Go back to sleep," her husband grumbled.
    How? I can't go back to sleep now that I know we have money problems!"
    "Just go back to sleep!"
    "Kindly, tell me how?"
    "Look, just let me handle it," Leo said.
    "My gosh, maybe I should go back to work!"
    No, it will cost too much to send the kids to daycare!"
    "Oh, yeah," Angela sighed.
    "Please, relax and let me do the worrying," Leo said.

    Quietly, Angela slipped off the bed. Right under the bed there was a metal box. She pulled the box out from under the bed and opened it up. "Tell, you what, we can use all the money I have saved for the kids' college education." Utterly surprised, he took the box in his hands. Very carefully, he started counting the one hundred dollar bills. "Where did you get all these bills, dear?" he asked.
    " Xchanging smaller bills and change throughout the years," she explained.
    "You have so much!" Leo exclaimed.
    Zero, without you," Angela said, smiling.

    (You did say "flash!" LOL!)