Acting huh? Techy huh? Hmmm.....Interesting. Something of a writer huh? Hmm fa

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    terced ojosposted 8 years ago

    Acting huh?  Techy huh? Hmmm.....Interesting.  Something of a writer huh? Hmm fascinating. I also.

      Too many thoughts; so little time.  My heads going to explode. Is this sublime? Rhyme fakin, rule brakin. Makin it the dome caint leave it alone multifaceted crime...I'm so enigmatic; democratically enraged...sporadically inclined...blood line accosted..tosseded genetic drift..multi cultural virtual..hue-man with indebted u my vue's hazy like clarity...I see so clear they call me crazy cuz I zone prophetic...too much kinetic let it go for now call me her-rettic...

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