I have some storys I have already written, how do I submit them

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    bigstine50@gmail.posted 7 years ago

    I have some storys  I have already written, how do I submit them

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    surlyoldcatposted 7 years ago

    Actually it is very difficult to break into the industry. Word cannot describe how hard it is. DO not  go hell-bent-for-leather at the off. get some other work in first. Anything for a start. Get your name out there, primarily. While you are getting other gigs, get a series of pages down of an established charcter or group of characters in sequential art form, or ify you're writing, get a script down. Do it professionally (outlines, proper font, formatting, the whole shebang.) This is getting you experience and then when you have made a nmae, you have references and something to put into a resume/portfolio, then start blanketing the market. Do NOT get discouraged, it will take time. You WIll be hired on eventually, just make sure tht whoever is hiring youis notsome fly-by-night group or a crooked little wart looking to steal your work and claim it as their own.
    Main thing to remember is that you are a peon to them so you need to approach with humility, and use their characters as they re meant to be used and not in any manner considered diststeful.