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Must employees wash their hands?

  1. capncrunch profile image74
    capncrunchposted 7 years ago

    Must employees wash their hands?

    How do employers know that employees wash their hands after using the restroom?


  2. lilibees profile image60
    lilibeesposted 7 years ago

    Good question! Do you think everyone really washes their hands after using a public restroom?

  3. emilyjulia profile image54
    emilyjuliaposted 7 years ago

    Yeeeessss!!! That would b maddd grooss if they didn't :p

  4. devonna31 profile image56
    devonna31posted 7 years ago

    Everyone should wash their hands after using the restroom PERIOD. Food Handlers have even greater responsiblity to practice this good hygiene habit. They even have to take a class about. I take due care when preparing my meals in the privacy of my own home.  Yes, they should do the same.

    Food service providers don't have the right to take my money and make me sick in the process. Eating the money straight from my own pocket would probably be safer...ewww gross!