How would you Promote and Market a Self Published Paperback?

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  1. Linda Bliss profile image87
    Linda Blissposted 7 years ago

    How would you Promote and Market a Self Published Paperback?

    A friend has recently written and printed her book, a paperback with 'a humorous review of the addictive misery of commuting on London Underground'. This is her first book in print, although she has published several other e-books already.

    Do you have any tips on how to promote the book on as well as offline?

    Any suggestions welcome - especially the tried and tested methods yikes)

  2. Africanus profile image59
    Africanusposted 7 years ago

    Two books are worth looking at:

    The 'Writers and Artists Yearbook', and 'How to be your own Literary Agent.' Depending on the sort of book you have in mind, you might wish to engage a Cover-designer and an Indexer.
    A good cover-design is vital because a book is ALWAYS judged by its cover.

  3. Alexander Pease profile image62
    Alexander Peaseposted 7 years ago

    There are a few key elements to successfully promoting a self-published book:

    -It is a good standard to have a professional book binder as a business partner, or as a business associate. Self-promoted books, should ultimately have the same look/feel as marketed books, because people will see them as book, (and not stacks of paper).

    -Be prepared to invest hundreds, and do not expect to see an instant cash return. You will need to type, edit, revise, print, (which all adds up in expenses).

    -Book signings are a must. Self-promotion does require a bit of face-to-face contact with people, especially with a paperback book. Unlike an e-book, a paperback is almost entirely offline. Sales can happen online, but there is nothing instant about a paperback.

    -Expect to wait a year or two to see any profits, because during that time is when a writer will establish their audience. Also, most writers will see a increase in their audience after only a few months, (because that is when most people will finish reading, evaluate, and then share with their friends).

    -Online promotion can be tricky if a writer isn't particularly good at web design. There are a number of easy-to-design website hosts that offer free services, such as, Weebly. Also, SEO (search engine optimization), is a good way to get a site on the search engines, and is an essential tool for building a broader audience.

    Best of luck to your friend,

  4. Nobility Erotica profile image61
    Nobility Eroticaposted 7 years ago

    Good reviews from credible sources are a key to success of promoting a book, especially if the author is relatively unknown. If the book is up to a high standard, submit it to as many freelance reviewers as possible, then use the reviews in your marketing.

  5. fernando d. profile image61
    fernando d.posted 7 years ago

    advertise your self, like the way you put up this hubs. post some of your work, post a picture of your book. your already doing it but where is it. offline, in a book store see if you can have it at the check out counter. or at the entrance, some where that it can be seem, and with some thing bright colors . to attract attention ,an eye catcher, big picture, big letters. hope this help.

  6. Linda Bliss profile image87
    Linda Blissposted 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for your help everyone! yikes)

  7. profile image0
    Sarah Meadowsposted 7 years ago

    Create a website (use Dreamweaver & find a host)
    Join blogging communities and forums where literature is a central topic
    Buy ad-space on Facebook or on Google (with incentive of 1st chapter free to hook readers)
    Hold a contest on your blog/website and reward a prize to several people who can design an ad for your book (helps generate a following)

    That's just some basics. Try Guerrilla Marketing techniques (cheap and highly successful), best for market penetration of a new product.


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