What is it like to have TBI?

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    f8thinuposted 6 years ago

    What is it like to have TBI?

    What are the symptoms of this brain injury? Are they easy to see in the person who has them?

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    motorcitylady13posted 6 years ago

    http://www.traumaticbraininjury.com/con … ptoms.html
    This is a great resoures to see the numerous ways a person can be affected by TBI or Tramatic Brain Injury. It points out things such as: Difficulty with the following, Attention, Concentration, Distractibility, Memory, Speed of Processing, Confusion, Perseveration, Impulsiveness, Difficulties with interpretation of touch, temperature, movement, Physical paralysis/spasticity, Chronic pain, Control of bowel and bladder, Sleep disorders, Loss of stamina, Appetite changes, Regulation of body temperature, and Menstrual difficulties, as well as many more. I personally experience 90% of these listed but also have  a constant ringing in my ears, Severe Nightmares, either lack of emotion or complete emotional outbursts, I dont do well in large crowds, I get sweaty and shakey, and start to feel like the walls are closing in on me, and I get very short of breath and feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. But the hyperawarness and clastrophobia feeling are mostly related to PTSD. which often comes with TBI. You can't always see these symptoms in a person because more often than not we try to hide them as best as we can. For fear of being seen as weak, especially for females who are combat veterans. We strive SO hard to be seen as one of the guys, gain the Respect of our team mates, and to consistantly "hold our own" and the truth is, it's SO much harder than anyone can imagine to admit that we are "broken."