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    reeltaulkposted 8 years ago

    Ok I need your input on this one people......so someone very close to me just rented a condo on the first floor in the NW area of DC.  She has had a few issues so far, just to mention (someone tried to come in her bathroom window at 4:00am) she just happen to have gotten up when she heard them trying to enter.   She is not a complainer unless it gets really serious.  A week ago she comes home to find the police on her floor.  Later on she finds out someone came through the window of the apartment next door to her and stole a few items (laptop).  This week someone came through the window of the apartment on the opposite side of her apartment and stole their items as well (laptop).  She was fortunate that they did not decide to go into hers being that these three apartments just happen to be the only apartments facing the alley.  Now I know my friend she is a very nice person, but once rubbed the wrong way hell will break loose.  The windows to these apartments cannot lock, they have never been able to lock.  All of the windows in her apartment are defective.  She has to bar the windows with sticks which really doesn't guarantee anything!  The best advice that she has gotten was to get screamers, lmao that one is amazing, like crack heads and thieves could care less about that.  It amazes me that an inspector did not see this, for it is a safety hazard and the condo board doesn't care.  All of the individuals that are apart of the condo association reside on the second on third floor, so they could really care less, they feel secure as well as protected.  They wont place bars on the windows, claiming it will decrease the value of the building.  In all essence according to everything I know the property has no value, they are so delusional.  It wasn't built properly, with concern for the tenants and their safety in mind.  Rats run through the walls, ants run a muk throughout her apartment, some how or the other everything mysteriously breaks.  People are held at gun point, all type of weird crazy things.  I worry about her safety, she is better off leaving and investing her monies into her own property.  She is paying out of her nose for a space that is under 500 square feet.  Now that those two burglaries took place she has placed notes on her (open) windows warning the degenerates that she will not put up with their shenanigans, only to be told according to rule 214 of the condo rules no signs can be placed in the windows.  It's a shame how people can be so stuck on stupid until some bad happens to them.  I don't understand how anyone can be so caught up in rules and regulations when someone life is at stake or is endangered.  They will NOT fix the windows, neither place bars on them.  In closing I will say Karma has a way of teaching lessons to those that are unfair.....ciao

    P.S. To be honest, i think this is a conspiracy, just doesn't make any sense at all!  Who does shit like this?

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      lorlie6posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Move, I say! lol

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    The Ropeposted 8 years ago

    I can't believe she is staying in this situation.  I don't know the laws in DC but in most states there are renter laws that she can tap into.  They protect renters from having infested homes or unsafe homes.  However, in the meantime, tell her to put glasses and loud metal items at the base of the windows.  Anyone coming through will make a lot of noise and get at least enough of a shock to stun them for a moment - giving her time to react.

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      reeltaulkposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      you are so right!!!  This building is supposedly only two years old.  They must have built it in 3 months, one of those quickies.....

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    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    DC? NW? Should be a single digit street then. Let her move half a dozen blocks west, this will likely solve the problem. smile