Is time an enigma yet to be fully underrstood?

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    R-Bonhartposted 3 years ago

    Is time an enigma yet to be fully underrstood?

    Time is a wonder, abstract, yet so real. But it is no more than a passing moment of an inescapable present.
    This present is always the now, with the future like a light, shining on it, and casting a shadow of the past.
    This present is like that zero between positive numbers as the future, and negative numbers as the past. Poetically, time is a wonder.

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    the3mushketeersposted 3 years ago

    The fear of death is known as thanatophobia , isnt this wierd beacause anyone with a sane mind fears death so why give it term. Similarly time is definitely an enigma , you cant feel it passing by but you know its passing by.Sometimes your very existance in life is question mark.
    Anyways you might wonder where time , death and existance tie in together. Its all the work of a human brain breaking it down to understand  this complex world. All one can do is not use time as an excuse but as advantage to unleash there fullest potential.To understand this is inevitable.
    Caged soul