What is the advantage of reading novels

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  1. jainswati profile image67
    jainswatiposted 3 years ago

    What is the advantage of reading novels

    I always wonder why people spend so much of time reading a book specially an extensive novel having only a story.Wont it be much better to read some informational or technical  book?

  2. Mark Lees profile image80
    Mark Leesposted 3 years ago

    If you want to learn about a subject read a manual. If you want to learn about humanity, or expand your experiences or simply get lost in a different world read a novel.

  3. Paul Kuehn profile image94
    Paul Kuehnposted 3 years ago

    By reading a novel, you have an insight into social conditions in a certain place at a certain period of time.  It is much more interesting than technical books because the author is describing people and how they think and act.

  4. passionatelearnr profile image89
    passionatelearnrposted 3 years ago

    Novels take you into another world.its a way of escape just like movies ,and they satisfy aesthetic sense.technical books don't touch emotions but novels like "God of small things''hypnotise you with words and play with emotions.

  5. glesbethbaggao profile image62
    glesbethbaggaoposted 3 years ago

    Novel is a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of "realism".
       Technical book focuses on methodologies, advanced science, so to speak.
       Informational book, from the word itself, we know that it constitute facts.
       In my own point of view, these three are incomparable. Each is distinct from the other. I read technical books, informational books and even novels.
        With your question, I would say that it is better to read the two latter books because each gives absolute fact, not hypothetical nor theoretical.
        On the other side, as a novel-reader, I could say that though such book is just a mere fiction, it leaves me with a lesson. I am able to receive what the author addresses. I am able to feel what the writer wanted me to feel. If you would try to read one, you could be able to realize that the content is not just a typical story. Some part of it contains technical knowledge, too. And is also a very informative book. You see life's reflection while you read it. These, I presume, are the advantages of reading a novel.
    To mention few, "Fatality" and "Lost Legacy" by Dana Mentink; "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks. You can read one of these smile

  6. profile image75
    Ryan K Y Laiposted 3 years ago

    There are a few reasons for that. Unfortunately, the most common reason is that people simply read to entertain themselves. Most informative or technical books have little to offer in entertainment value, while even a sloppily-written fantasy or romance novel can appeal to some casual reader.

    Yet there are deeper reasons than that. A lot of novels do not belong to the same category the dime-a-dozen books that constantly top bestseller lists. A lot of them incorporate humanistic elements like literature, philosophy and the arts. Others still appeal to readers with an extensive interest in specific eras. Others still were written to promulgate beliefs, political, moral or religious.

    Many of the greatest works of literature are novels. In Imperial China, novels were often written to reveal the dark side of society - The Scholars is the best example of that. The same can be said of Dickens' works, which have actually brought about extensive change in society, such as the abolition of public executions.

    The novel itself is also an art form. An elegantly crafted novel can be extremely memorable. The greatest example of this is The Dream of the Red Chamber. It revolutionised the Chinese novel, and there's an entire field of study dedicated to this single book, redology.

    The novel canon is a huge one. While many of the novels are simply thrillers or love stories with no intellectual depth, you should be careful not to make hasty generalisations about them. I say that as someone who rarely reads novels - I usually read essay and poetry collections, as well as a lot of technical books - so you can be sure I wasn't biased in what I said. wink

  7. jainswati profile image67
    jainswatiposted 3 years ago

    Actually I agree with you all that novels are different and provide social and emotional insight. I have read a few novels like "the the vinci code", "digital fortress" and I enjoyed reading these books... But then I was confused about how much is actually true and how much is just an imagination.       
    About love stories... These are same as watching movies then why to spend so much time...


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