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    UNLOVED ROHITposted 7 years ago

    I woke up
    Gazed the vicinity
    Lonely i was
    As an aimless drifting ship
    With lots of queries in mind
    Lost in the mist in the past
    And today i wonder
    So, i grew up with a new hope

    I stood up
    I was walking down a taciturn lane
    Long steps with no apparent reason
    Neither special destination
    Friends whom i missed
    I lost them in the sightless mist and crowd
    Still solitary and restless
    I stare at the sky
    And creating dreams of the south and west

    Feeling the wet grasses around me
    I heard sweet words in my waiting ears
    Curious I was
    I was called was thanked
    Aghast and happy more I felt
    On the spur of moment
    I got my friend who was loquacious and wag
    Came to me with a taciturn and awe talked
    After our tete-a-tete we made an oath
    Just to be a wise man and successful man
    Then we were united
    Then damp and cold winter end
    And spring was mewling for its welcome
    The flowers were grown and all of then
    Congratulated me for my mere life
    And today my life is moving
    Towards the perfection