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    Loneraposted 7 years ago

    To All Lovers don't give up.

    I'm writing this blog to express my gratefulness to all of you. Each one of you has a place and meaning to my life. Yes, I have sin so many, I confessed. But I also paid the price....with a heart break...they said what comes around goes around and you sow what you reap....and believe me I reap a lot of heart aches, they are my punishment.

    So I learned to be guarded and not allowing anyone in...For a while I've done my w???I'm not proud of it. Because each time I will try to step on that bed and I asked? Is this just for tonight right? I am cheating myself with more meaningful relationship. So I stop......but I shall not dare because I�m a walking target.

    Sometimes...I wonder in my life where I went wrong? I always thought it was my fault or it was me. But needless to say that I couldn't have ruined it all by myself...it takes two to Tango and my relationships didn't work because I am a person that has rules...a standard. Above all the list I mentioned, it�s hard for a guy to be completely faithful.

    Maybe in early times of your relationship there has but it�s not lasting....so when this happens I tried to tell people to move on, it�s not because I didn't care about that person or love one, I face it...the way it is and I face it with pride. Even the meaning of it is losing the very person you love.... I know a lot of people have a hard time understanding this, but it is so true.

    You let them go because ...you wanted their happiness. You no longer the blame for their unhappiness.
    Don't get me wrong....I have been faithful in all my relationship's but there are instance a little temptation occurs and believe me I�ve been tempted so many times. That�s why I truly believe when you truly love that person...no doubt that he or she will be faithful to you.

    No questions asked it�s just delivered unselfishly; you don't need to ask somebody to love you. They will love you according to the dictation of there heart. And no one can make anybody love anybody....this just really happens...
    It might only take a glance or one look at that person and you love them eternally. That happened to me with my second husband, he just took one look at me and he said I�m the woman his going to marry...he proposes that night we meet...so sweet.... I have cherished that until this moment.

    Just like a friend of mine said that if it does happens he or she better worth all the pain and suffering...and we will endure it no matter what. That�s why there is a marriage vows....it�s not a promise ...they can only try their best.
    So my point is just love continuously ...like you've never love before...give it to that person while it�s there ,while your still have that passion...enjoy it, and cherished it.
    Hey, if you could commit to all the above mentioned characteristics...I salute you.

    Just look at me...I'm a Warrior. I fought so many battles. And I�m still fighting continuously.

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    WryLiltposted 7 years ago

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    Loneraposted 7 years ago

    Thank you. Im still trying to learn my way around.