Squad combat writing tips

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    Darkproxyposted 5 years ago

    For squad-based combat stories, following the average infantry unit, it consists of 3-4, four man fire teams. The term squad combat is sort of a misnomer. As squads are about12 or 16 people, there are sharpshooters, riflemen, machine gunners, and grenadiers. These four classes of men are what makes a fire team. There are usually a total of 3-4 sergeants, a Staff Sergeant as the highest up commander, and three other sergeants who command their fire teams, staff sergeants issue over all commands, and fire team leaders execute the order. Communication is usually hard in a combat zone so the soldiers will always scream out orders as they hear the commander give them. Shouting an order from a staff sergeant is like a domino effect.The order is shouted from you to the man next to you.

    Staff Sergeant Raymore “Light up the fucking tree line with the 762!”

    The man on his right “Light up the tree line with the 762”

    The man on his left “light up the tree line with fucking 762"

    Leaving out adjectives, as swearing is acceptable although it takes away realism. This is how squads issue out orders to each other over a large area. These shouts can be into squad-to-squad radios or just across a position for a group of soldiers. Communication on the battlefield is key to staying alive just as much as winning the battle.