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Funny Shady Bible Stories You Were Never Told: Why Judas Committed Suicide

Updated on June 8, 2014

Why Judas Committed Suicide

As Judas watched the Roman soldier drag Jesus away from the Garden of Gethsemane after arresting him, a great fear suddenly seized him.

He had also watched as the other apostles fled including one unidentified man who had to run away naked after leaving his cloth behind in the hands of the soldiers while resisting arrest, and he knew he had to act very fast.

The main reason why he became afraid was because he suddenly felt so lonely. It suddenly dawned on him that all these while he had been an apostle that he really enjoyed the company of all those other guys but it’s like it was now time for him to start another life.

He started to consider the reprisal attack that the other apostles might be planning against him already immediately they went back to regroup because they had seen him kiss their master at the Garden and they all knew what that meant. He was aware that there could be a case of a very big manhunt for him which he may not be able to survive unless he acted fast.

He had seen Simon Peter cut off someone’s ear in a flash and with no remorse and his great fear for that guy awakened once more. He knew how determined Simon Peter could be if he sets his mind on anything and he didn't want to be a victim of that guy’s wrath because he had could still recollect how the guy mercilessly and single-handedly beat up Thaddeus and Philip on that very day they both disrespected him!

So that left him with one option. He had to leave town and he had to do that very fast. In fact, he had to leave town now!

So he quickly scampered down the garden and started heading to his home to collect a few belongings he knew he might need. He knew he had to do that very fast because his home was definitely the first place they will come looking for him so he had to clear out.

Besides, he had to collect some money for the journey too. He also knew that he needed to buy an international passport and if possible change his identity so that it will not be possible for anyone to trace him in the new country where he will be going to spend some time in; at least until the dust he has raised settles. Since he was the treasurer to the apostles, he knew he had to act fast and take all that money before the others come for him for their money too.

On reaching his house, he quickly threw in a couple of shirts and some jeans trousers, his toothbrush, his dark shades and his shaving stick into a rucksack. He wanted to shave off his long beard to continue with his planned disguise but he quickly decided against doing that simply because he knew he was already running out of time.

He reached for the bag where he kept the apostles’ money and his heart suddenly froze. The bag of money was no longer there!

Where could it be? Had someone broken into his house and taken the whole money while he was away at Gethsemane doing the dirty job?

Shit! He cursed under his breath as he searched for it everywhere but couldn't find it. He thought selling out his master was going to be easy job but it appears as if nemesis was already catching up him and it was happening so soon!

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Anyway with no time to waste on regretting, he remembered he still had in his pockets the thirty pieces of silver that he took as part payment for the dirty job of betraying his master and those priests also agreed to pay him the remaining part once the job is done so that means he still had somewhere to start from.

Quickly, he threw the rucksack on his back, locked his doors and without leaving any note of his whereabouts to whomever it might concern, he left in very quick steps.

He soon reached the place where those priests resided. He knocked on the doors but no one answered even though he could hear some noise and hip hop music playing in the background suggesting that someone was inside the house. He was now in hasty mood as his heart continued to palpitate and his fears continued to mount. He was also finding it very difficult to breathe now.

He started banging heavily on the metallic door.

To be continued…

[Adapted from Funny Shady Bible Stories You Were Never Told by Emmy Boy]


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