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get back momofuku you don't know me like that the return of the comic book guy talking pure entertainment

Updated on May 4, 2010

Kick Ass

Have you seen Kick-Ass yet?If not I recommend that you do.So far this year (last year as well) it's my favorite movie I actually saw it twice.and when it comes out its going into my all time favorites DVD collection.It's pretty hard to make it into my all time favorites collection.How hard? Well let me share with you my all time favorites list.1.Risky Business 2.Pulp Fiction 3.The Hangover 4.Scarface 5.Shawshenk Redemption 6.Forrest Gump 7.Fast Times at Ridgemont High 8.Crouching tiger hidden dragon 9.Kick Ass.In order to make my list I have to really enjoy a movie I mean enjoy it so much that I can just throw the DvD in and watch it over and over again and still enjoy the movie just like I first saw it.So congrats Kick just made the list.Your award is in the mail.


I am a big time comic-geek.I grew up reading comics so I try to see every comic-book movie coming out,because for a long time the studios wouldn't support comic-book movies,but now its like a comic-book movie is coming out three are four times a year.So I go and see them all,because I feel like I have to support these kind of movies are they won't get the green light.I am waiting on the Losers and Iron-Man 2 which looks like they might be pretty good especially Iron-man.Now lets talk about Repo-Man.Repo-Man is a comic-book movie that starred Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker.While the star-power is nice and the movie was well made I just didn't like it.Jude and Forrest play two Repo-Man whose job is to repossess people's organs when they fall behind on payments."Its just a job."Is what they tell themselves through out the movie,I'm not going to get into too many details, don't want to ruin it if you haven't seen it.To me the movie was very sad and I really regret going to see it.I mean the thought of some-one showing up at your house to repossess your heart because you fell behind in payments is very sickening to me.While I understood the message behind the movie,you can bet this is one movie that will never make it to my DVD player.

Clash of the Titans

I remember watching this movie when I was young,and I really liked the new version,especially the special effects.I thought that the movie was great and perfect for that day when you have a house full of kids just pop it in and two hours of peace and quite coming up.the only thing I didn't like about the film was that I felt the movie was to quick,every thing went by to fast,I think they should have added about thirty minutes to it.But that's just me.While watching this movie I found myself thinking about The Odyssey and I thought that would make a great movie.Robin Hood is coming out so who knows maybe the Odyssey will be made into a movie one-day.I hope so it would make a great epic-movie.

Crystal Bowersox

The girl can sing.Since day one of American Idol,I have been pulling for Mamasox.The top four will be Crystal,Lee,Sioban,and Michael Lynche.The Top Two: will be Sioban and Crystal.Sioban has a very powerful voice but she can't pull it all together.Crystal is ready she will be one of the biggest stars to come off of American Idol.Long Live American Idol.I hope the show doesn't end because Simon is moving on.American Idol is a very strong platform for new singers,and I really hope that America supports this show after Simon leaves because its a great show for giving people a chance to realize their dreams.

what in the world is a momofuku?

 Just in case you're wondering what a momofuku is well its the title of a cook-book by David Cheng.I got the phrase from David Letterman.So now you know.Peace I'm Audi 5000.

Siobhan Magnus

 Well siobhan is gone.I didn't see that coming.Rumor has it that she was the victim of one of Aaron Kellys Fans.Something about switching numbers,resulting in Aaron getting the bulk of Siobhan votes.I personally think Casey should have been the one to go.He's the weakest to me,but it doesn't matter because I think Siobhan is going to be Huge.

russel hantz

the best player to ever play the game

 Outlast.Outwit.Out play.Survivor is one of two reality shows that I watch the other one is American Idol.Russel is the best player to ever play the game of survivor,and I felt that he should have won sole survivor.He earned it.

conan o'brien on jay leno



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