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get down and lay down....NOW!!!!!

Updated on June 19, 2009

going out....

His heart is pumping like a jack hammer in his chest,his adrenaline rushing like water off of Niagara falls, this is it,the point of no return.He sits across the street in the burger king parking lot,nervous, hands shaking"this is it johnny boy."he thinks to himself.He's been planning this for a month,carefully casing Big City Wide Bank,everything is planned to the T."two minutes and not a minute longer." he thinks to himself. "in and out." He looks across the street and right on schedule the bank manager arrives,followed by two tellers and the security guard.He gets out the car making his way across the street, pausing for a few minutes waiting for the security guard to come out to make his walk around the parking lot,just like he does every morning.Quickly walking up to the guard, john jams his 357 into the guards cheek,at the same time,he reaches for the guards holstered gun,quickly unsnapping the glock and placing the barrel on the guards chest,"back into the bank chubby,no funny moves."he says trying to sound as calm as he can.John drags the security guard into the bank forcing him to lock the doors behind him,"perfect." john thinks as he surveys the small bank office "everyone is still in the vault." pushing the guard towards the vault,"MOVE It fat boy!!!"bursting into the vault,John can see the shocked and terrified look on the face of the bank manager,the two tellers instantly back up against the vault wall.Grabbing the guard John strikes him across the face with the butt of the gun,blood squirting out of the guards nose the guard falls to his knees holding his nose as blood runs through his fingers."I mean business!!!!!" John screams as he tosses the duffel bag over his shoulder to the bank manager,one pistol pointed at the Guard and the other pointed at the two tellers,motioning the guard to move to the back of the vault with the two young women"Don't try anything funny,if the cops show up we all going to heavens gate today!"John yells adding "Don't get slick,no dye packs,because I will come back for you, wall street!!!"John growls talking directly to the bank manager.Duffel bag full "throw it on the floor and get over there with your staff!" grabbing the duffel bag John exits the vault,closing the vault door behind him making sure not to lock it.He turns and catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror, black stockings over his face, and a black baseball cap on his head,he scans the room for a time clock as he rushes to the exit he spots one over the door "eight minutes,way too long."John thinks as he exits the bank making his way across the street to his car.Throwing the duffel bag on the passenger seat John hits the High way immediately jumping on the interstate,he turns the radio up and his favorite song is playing "I remember,Don't worry,its the first time the last time we ever met......"the tune comes from the radio.John removing his stockings from his face,heart beating, pounding in his chest,like a wild animal trying to escape,"I did it.."he thinks as he exits the interstate coming out into a large wooded area pulling off the back road to what appears to be a old run down barn,he drives the getaway car into the barn parking right next to a ninety five cadillac with tinted windows,John throws the duffel bag in the trunk, pulls out a gas can, and a change of clothes. he douses the getaway car in gas and tosses his old clothes in the front seat of the car, lights a rag and drops it inside.Pulling out in the cadillac, looking in the review mirror watching the flames engulf the inside of the getaway car John makes a mental note to himself to "ditch this cadillac as soon as possible."


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