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ghosts at mount saint marys catholic girls school

Updated on March 15, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver

Ghost at Mount Saint Mary's Girls School Part 2

archived copy of La Xpress Newspaper Column

About the Paranormal


Ghost at Mount Saint Mary's Girls School Part 2

Returning to the ghost at Mount Saint Mary’s…. as you recall, I had finished off by telling you about when Valerie and I were sleeping and we both heard something scrape across the floor towards our heads as if to kill us, at the exact same time.

I was scared of the school’s ghost, but my friends lived there, a deer lived on the lawn, and I liked the place. The girls wore no makeup and had class sitting in circles, and were allowed to speak quite freely. So I had returned to Mount Saint Mary’s.

I was in the bathroom the girls said was “safe” taking a shower. Valerie was in the next stall. She finished up and left the bathroom, and I suddenly felt cold and afraid. I showered up quickly and as I was drying, heard a nun chanting an eerie tune outside. A native American drum started beating. Chilled to the core, I approached the window; because this sound definitely did not sound normal. It sounded very, very creepy. A nun chanting to a native sounding drum? I saw nothing outside and skedaddled it back to the girls’ bedroom. “Does that nun chant to a drum all the time?” I asked innocently.

“What drum? What nun?” the girls asked me. They hadn’t heard anything. I stayed quiet about it after that, as I felt quite insane.

Later, I was cozy in their room working on homework quietly on the bed. Valerie and Julita were across the hall watching TV with a neighbor. All of our doors were open, so I felt safe. But then, I heard what sounded like one of those little tiny metal ball bearings, go *PING PING PING* on the floor behind me. I stiffened up; I just KNEW. What did I know? That the sound had been a warning, and something ghostly… as nothing was behind me but the wall and floor. I tensed up and thought in my head frantically “they say if you don’t believe, that these things don’t exist. I don’t believe. I don’t believe.”

This time, it did not work. Suddenly, the sound of a huge clawed thing, like a three foot crab, scrabbled into the room from the door, across the hardwood floor, directly at me!

I screamed, threw my homework into the air, jumped up off the bed and (hopefully) over the invisible “thing,” ran into the room across the hall.

“What happened?” the girls demanded. (I believe we were in Ann’s room now). “The – the- ghost ran at me from the door, it’s trying to scare me, it sounded like a thing with huge claws this big,” I stammered out.

“Relax, watch some TV,” Julita said. I wasn’t sure if the girl’s believed me or not; did they not believe me? Were they scared? Or did they think I was crazy and were trying to chill me out? I sat next to them on the bed, gratefully leaned my back against the wall, watching the warm TV in the warm room.

Then Ann’s door creaked slowly as if shutting…. we looked at each other and all just as slowly, leaned forward to try to see it… And it SLAMMED SHUT AND LOCKED! All of us girls on the bed – me, Ann, Julita, and Valerie, all lurched forward to look at door. It was open – 100% open. Not one physical thing had been touched. The girls gave a slightly surprised puzzled look, then said “its just the ghost.” But I could see in their eyes, the ghost was acting strange indeed while I was there. Too many brows crinkled as they looked at me.

Even though the ghost seemed to be a ‘sound only’ type of phenomenon, it was, as Julita has said, “terrorizing” me. After this incident, I simply refused to ever return to Mount Saint Mary’s Catholic Girl’s school, up in Brentwood CA. And to this day I have never been back.

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on You can also follow her at


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