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"ADAEZE" - The Goddess Of Beauty

Updated on September 2, 2020
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Adaeze - the goddess of beauty is a fiction story of a beautiful maiden in poem birth out of my own imaginations & thoughts. Enjoy the read

Some Maidens Are Born Beautiful

"Adaeze" - the goddess of beauty
"Adaeze" - the goddess of beauty | Source

Born Beautiful

( The goddess of Beauty)

Just like the morning sun rise
The dawn bright in amazement
When the Heaven pour out it's water
It fall like a dew to calm the earth

Then a new day came
After the burial of yesterday
With lots to offer to humanity
Awaiting for another tomorrow

But inbetween these days
In the early 20s was a queen born
From the belle of a godly woman
& a new star was unveil

She look the image of Divinity
The like of the sky with glittering stars
Birth in the King's pot of honey
& she was named "Adaeze"

She grew with beauty
Like a rose she stands out
Gifted in both yesterday & tomorrow
She is every boy dream

Her two twin ripped fruits standing gracious inbetween her two branch
Points towards the tower of lebanon
Creating a sweet tune
In every hearts of her beholder

She is the epitome of beauty
The definition of perfection
Her voice is as still as a dove
Her steps is a cat in slow walk

Idyllic & elegant in nature
The replica of her dear mum
The dream of a happy soldier
A music the heart dance to without a beat

Oh i have fallen to her court
Her smile has blew me away
To a gold of unending love
My heart now wish just to be with her

I never knew this single bit of sound
Will turn to a music that play nonstop
In my heart singing out loud with time

But i mine really a fool?
She chase me away but i keep coming
She turned me a joke over time
But at her heart door i keep knocking

Then i wish i can ride back to eden with her
To the very tree at the center of it's beautiful garden
Where the leaves are ever luring
So we 'll take the very best of it's fruits as many as we can

But her heart never beat for me
I'm only a feeling seeking a place in her to dwell
But if she can give my heart a chance to prove
I will forever cherish every moment with her

Her name is "Adaeze"
The goddess of beauty
Who my heart beat for
Hoping someday i will be her own heartbeat..


© 2020 Adorable Pen


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