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Grammar, Punctuation and Sentence Structure

Updated on February 9, 2011

I enjoy all of types of expression

Is Content More Important

If you are an English major or professor you may want to stop reading this now. I’m not going to try to appease you by saying that grammar is more important. I want all you anal, uptight and egotistical scholars to go back to your classrooms and teach verbs and adjectives to your class full of students that have no creative skills. Knowing these things will really help when they are in a warehouse pulling orders for the man or woman who had the creative skills to go and create the company.

When Samuel Clemens was writing as Mark Twain, do you really think he was worried about sentence structure and such? I don’t think so. I bet he was more worried about telling a great story than what someone was going to say about his writing skills. When I was in school, my English teacher tried to explain this by, “He was writing in southern dialect.” So basically, she was trying to say that his stories were more important for content, but, we were not to write this way.

Imagination is to me is far more important than writing skills. If you have the imagination to create something, whether it is a painting, writing a song or just a simple article, it shows that you have strong individualism. You professors who insist that all guidelines be followed for sentence structure and grammar should remember this; once out of school, not many people really care. The individuals who are creative will continue to be that way and do things the way they want to.

When you see a singer on stage sing a song that he or she wrote, they didn’t worry about grammar. The song probably came from deep inside somewhere. They are creative people who don’t care what was taught in school. They are dismissed by professors as artist, using artistic license to ignore basic rules of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. These entertainers were usually the people that didn’t conform in the classroom anyway; they looked at these classes as conformist and suffocating. I did.

So the next time one of you grammar police read something, remember this, someone actually took the time to write what you are reading. It wasn't forced on them to write it, unlike school. People actually write because they want to, not because they have to. I hope the next time a student hands in a paper that you assign, remember, unless they want to write it, it’s probably just another assignment that they resented having to do in the first place.

So in closing, I hope that people reading this will continue to be creative and use their imagination to be an individual. Don’t be a sheep following the crowd down a road to unhappiness. For all you English teachers and grammar police out there, those who can, do and for those who are too lazy to do, teach.


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    • poetvix profile image


      7 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      I agree whole heartedly with the main idea contained here. The idea that content should outweigh form wins with me every time. The very act of creating something is what form was invented for.

      By the way, having said that, I am a teacher. I say this smiling because I don't teach English and have no doubt any English teacher on the planet would red ink my poetry into a crimson grave. I work with special needs students and find many are afraid to express themselves in writing at all for fear of red ink. It is a shame too, for many of them have something really important to say.

      Thanks for sharing this.

    • Jeff May profile image

      Jeffrey Penn May 

      7 years ago from St. Louis

      Like any profession, you do have some asses. This so-called "professor" apparently qualifies.

    • R.Cochran profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Dahlonega, GA

      I didn't write this to insult all teachers, I wrote this because some English teacher or professor tore apart one of my articles and sent it back to me. They even went as far as to tell me I sounded retarded. Would you do this to someone you don't know? This was just a quick angry note, aimed at those who feel like they are the guardian of the English language and feel like they need to correct everybody.

    • Jeff May profile image

      Jeffrey Penn May 

      7 years ago from St. Louis

      Your grammar is excellent.

      There is a difference or large gap between being anal about grammar and so-called "creative" writing that is incomprehensible because the writer had no basic concept of grammar. Mark Twain obviously knew grammar extremely well in order to write in dialect.

      I can never figure out why people need to insult all teachers because they likely had one or two they didn't like or who hurt their feelings, probably when they were teenagers.


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