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O God! Help the people of Haiti

Updated on November 8, 2012

Haiti earthquake should affect us all

O , God, Help the people of Haiti.

I know you see all that goes on.

The news talks of people trapped under rubble.

But rubble sound sandy, small pebbles, bits of stone,

These people are trapped under concrete, enormous slabs of stone,

Can't move

Hardly breathe,

God help them , please.!

One woman who sits in the dirt

screaming for children she's lost.

All 5 of her babies---------gone in a moment

How can she think to go on ?

One small boy is yelling with 'fight' in his eyes.

I'm here! I'm alive! please help I can't move.

He's out in fresh air, can breathe but still trapped

His legs are under the rubble.,devastating,stones

and concrete slabs that once was his school.

O God ! Help the people of Haiti.

I know this was not your plan. You made a beautiful earth for us all

So much, so much, has gone wrong


The people of Haiti are black,

the rescuers are black, white and brown.

Humans'''all humans.

Shkespeares' Shylock, the miserly man

did say when in trouble "I am a Jew..Hath not a Jew eyes, hands,....

Is not a Jew fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons,

If you prick us , do we not bleed? If you poison us do we not die?" (end quote)

Are we not all children of this planet?

O God, I know you do have a plan.

Your son is our saviour, he's promised us peace,

"the meek will inherit the earth" he once said,

"and they will reside forever upon it."

An earth that is cleansed of devilish actions.

An earth filled with love for mankind.

O send someone , NOW, to the people of Haiti

The water, the food, the shelter are needed,

but comfort and hope they also need now.

Let your spirit through some God-loving people

comfort the ones who feel lost.

Let them know that you spirit is working

that one day these horror's be gone.

People pray for you Kingdom, they say "Thy kingdom come"

let your will be done on earth, as in Heaven.

When God's will is done on earth as in Heaven,

no more will the earth be like this.

Remember God's son--- a storm out at sea

His friends were afraid of the waves and the gales

Jesus stood up and merely said "Hush"

When Gods' Kingdom comes our earth will be different

The earthquakes will also be 'hushed'.

But meanwhile, O Lord. please comfort these people.

Yes, Many are helping, they're doing their best.

doctors and nurses do what they can

Soldiers keep order, workers move rubble

But hear them God, please, they need more than that

Send them some comfort

Please give them hope.

Send angels with huge wings to fold all around them.

O God . Help the people of Haiti.

We may not live in an earthquake zone,

But other disasters affect us,

Hurricanes,... Storms of the worst sort,

Tornadoes and floods ,all of them ought,

To make us at least THINK of the people of Haiti.


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  • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

    Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

    Thank you so much, jean2011.

    l was glad to read in one newspaper that schools are open and a simple thing like , .... the chldren have pencils again.

    l appreciate you commenting. Thank you.

  • jean2011 profile image

    jean2011 6 years ago from Canada

    This is a beautiful poem that expresses such compassion for the people of Haiti. Thank God they are picking up the pieces and rebuilding their country one day at a time. I have voted this hub beautiful. Thank you for sharing!