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hate is such a weak word

Updated on April 4, 2012

living nightmare


these tears

are not sad


they are mad

scared and hurt

how can you inflict

this dreary world of negative inertia

love does not cause pain

please refrain

these foolish habits you practice

there is nothing more to gain

love is not selfish

says the bible from our God

it does not give us shame

what you have done to me

words cannot explain


i hate every piece of you

from top to bottom

the way you look

the way you smell

you inflict the feeling

of a ticking time bomb

i truly hate

what you have done to me

i know that is selfish

if i knew you really cared

i would never confess

such a thing

from my head

to my toes

my blood boils

with such detest, such loathe

you play with humans

as if they are toys in a game

like a child playing with dolls or trains

when you are finished with them

you retreat for a day

then back at it again

to see who you can shame

after a while though

as humans, we grow weary

we grow hearts and grow love

not knowing all we are giving you

is a love of theory

i am going to sleep now

praying i do not wake up

for if i do i will know

i will have failed


do not let me wake up


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