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The Fantasy Dream Of Sarah

Updated on June 7, 2014

The Fantasy Dream of Sarah

The Fantasy of Sarah
The Fantasy of Sarah | Source

The Fantasy Dream of Sarah

The fantasy dream of Sarah was so real, when she awoke from here sleep, she could not imagine what was before her eyes. The bedroom as her eyes scanned the room was as large as a museum with substantial circular pedestals from the floor to the ceiling. Had her dream become a reality, she gazed around the room with wide eyes to discover the huge fluffy bed in which she lay in and her gown made is silk. Surely, this is not real as she thought to herself. The bed was made of fine cedar wood and had a curtain to close around her while she slept if wanted. This was no coincidence, a dream .She stood up in bed and in whisk a butler with a silver tray and breakfast roll and silver ware with three types of juices in each cup, "Where am I “Sarah asked the tall stout butler “Sarah do you not remember, you are a silly girl, hah ha,  ” she was confused, and hungry,  “Here is your clothes Madam “, as he lay them on the bed which was the size of two large king beds.

Sarah was drinking the juice and noticed a window was open to the left of her.The fresh air was so cooling and re-freshen. It wasn’t like home? A bird, a blue jay sat next to the window sill and was singing away a beautiful tune she had not heard before. Sara felt like a Princess in some other land. She was in a castle she decided and yet how did I get here. My dream was the same place. The building I lay inside is of the dream from the night before, am I sure I am awake. She pinched herself, "ouch"! She was fully awake. She lay back after a few more sips of the juice and closed her eyes. She started to remember the dream she had the night before.

She remembered getting ready for bed the night before and had then been reading a book about a gallant stranger,  handsome he was. She remembered how nice this gentleman was to her, and for some reason, he had picked her up on a white horse with a bone sticking out from the front of this beautiful horses' head, a unicorn. She conceived in her head it was. She was in some danger when this gentleman had arrived in whisking her out of bed and take her into the night sky with her white gown on and flew in the air with this Prince and the white unicorn.  

She remembered the softness of the ride and the strong arms of this Prince as he said nothing and was hers to ride with into the night air. She remembers looking behind her and seeing a fire at a house and engulfed in flames, was this where she had been. She didn’t look back just held the handsome man with all her strength and afterwards fell asleep on his back, and hands hugged him tight. She then remembers nothing else but awakening to this huge mass of a bedroom in a castle. It had to be.

Sarah arose out of bed and in walks the man whom had gallantly saved her that night, he sat on her bed and told her who he was, he was the savior of God’s and she was saved last night from the fire by this man called David. She was blushing as she felt naked, and he said its alight you’re in heaven now darling and your dreams are real for eternity and I am your husband and you are my wife. She smiled ever so more, because she really loved this man for what he said and how he said them. “You were caught up in the fire he said, and I rescued you and your in heaven with me for eternity now Sarah and are you alright”. She glared in his blue eyes and said I’m home at last dear lord and at last my dreams are over.  

The fantasy dream of Sarah was a reality that had come true. Since a little girl, she had dreamed of a romance as the one she is at. Though the days turn into nights and weeks into months, there is no time in heaven. She spent all her time loving the one whom she had dreamed about since a child, and now she was eighty three. This is what heaven is like, and heaven is great. The fantasy dream of Sarah will be known to no one but her.

Christopher Hyer 4.2011




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