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No Where To Go

Updated on March 2, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Its hard to say Where he's going but I guarantee you its the top! Kind-hearted and Very free-stylistic when it comes to life.- Wicked High




What are you trying to do here

There's to much sin here, can't you tell we can't swim here

Everything is toxic

Record on repeat, stay away from the street

But that's not happening for me

They always said you have choice, But no one listened to your voice

Till there's a gun in your hand

This isn't part of the plan

Did he really have to kill that man Now that's messing with Stan(Satan)

Get a grip, I always wanted the money house and the whip(car)

Trying to make another trip car crashing, That still didn't phase me

Any way, I have to put everything on the plate

Give or take, Can't you tell this is my fate ..........



Something to Uplift you. (R.i.p Sean Price)


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© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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