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House Of Night Books In Order

Updated on September 18, 2014

House Of Night Series Reading Order

Having hunted down all the House of Night books in order, just finished them reading and I'm thrilled! I love books with vampires, I love a good teen story, so this vampyre series is everything I was looking forward to enjoying - and much more.

Currently there are 12 novels, with the last book called Redeemed, published in 2014, which is in fact the very last book in the series. What makes it more confusing to keep track of the chronological order of these books is the fact that there are also 3 spin-off novellas, each focusing on the past of one of the characters.

Having just read all the published books, I still have them fresh in my head and what better time to write them all down than now, before I forget the right order myself!

House Of Night Books by P.C. Cast - Chronological Order And Publication Dates

Here is an overview of all the House of Night books in order for the series starting from Marked to Redeemed, the latest book published in 2014

  • Marked (Book #1)

    Marked is the first book in the House of Night series, published in 2007

  • Betrayed (Book #2)

    The second book, Betrayed, was published towards end of 2007

  • Chosen (Book #3)

    Chosen is the third book in the House of Night series, and it was published in March 2008

  • Untamed (Book #4)

    Untamed is the 4th episode in this fantastic series, and it was published in September 2008

  • Hunted (Book #5)

    The next book in the popular teen series is Hunted. The book was published March 2009

  • Tempted (Book #6)

    Book 6, Tempted, came to become published in October 2009

  • Burned (Book #7)

    Burned is the 7th book in the vampire series with a publication year of 2010

  • Awakened (Book #8)

    The next book in the series is Awakened, published January 1, 2011 (how fitting!)

  • Destined (Book #9)

    Destined is book #9 and was published in 2012.

  • Hidden (Book #10)

    Hidden was published October 2012.

  • Revealed(Book #11)

    Revealed is the 11th book in the fun series, published in 2013

  • Redeemed(Book #12)

    Redeemed is the latest published book in the House of Night series, released in 2014. It also concludes the House of Night series.

House Of Night Spin-Off Novellas

There are 4 currently written novellas so far as spin-offs from the main book series House of Night, with the latest book published in 2014.

  • Dragon's Oath(Novella #1)

    This is the first spin-off novella from the popular novel series, featuring one particular character (in this case the fencing instructor). Published July 11, 2011

  • Lenobia's Vow(Novella #2)

    The second novella, published in January 31, 2012, tells the story of Lenobia, the horse mistress of the House of Night

  • Neferet's Curse(Novella #3)

    Neferet's Curse is the third spin-off novella that was published next year in 2013 and it tells the story of Neferet and her turbulent past.

  • Kalona's Fall(Novella #4)

    Kalona's Fall is the 4th book in the novella spin-of series and it tells Kalona's story.

All House Of Night Books In Order - Reviews

Marked (House Of Night Book #1)

Marked is the first book in the House of NIght series about vampyres. And no, they're not vampires, they're vampyres, with a "y". The story follows a 16 year old teen called Zoey Redbird, who enters the House of Night, where she learns that she is something...special.

She has powers and abilities that normal people don't have, and she has to quickly learn that she needs to adapt, especially since once marked by a Vampire Tracker, her fellow schoolmates and ex-friends starts to avoid her like the plague - especially those with a grudge against vampyres. Great start of a wonderful series!

Did you know ...

The location of The House of Night (the house in the picture above) is in reality Cascia Hall Preparatory School, where have attended some well known people such as Bill Hader, Frank Keating, Robert J. LaFortune, Larry Mizel and Lauren Stamile...

The House Of Night campus is in fact the real life campus of Cascia Hall in Tulsa.
The House Of Night campus is in fact the real life campus of Cascia Hall in Tulsa. | Source

Betrayed (House Of Night Book #2)

The second book in the teen vampyre series follows Zoey, the new vampyre fledgling as she starts to integrate within her new community. Zoey is now a high priestess in training and she is thrilled to have her family visit her after an absence of a full months. Sadly not everyone is equally happy to see her...

At the same time she has to deal with various matters including coming to terms with the fact that she is in fact the strongest vampyre yet, that she has just become the Leader of the Dark Daughters and she has to take her role seriously...but been a teen, she also has boys that caught her eyes...

Chosen (House Of Night Book #3)

Chosen starts at a crucial turning point in the life of Zoey: her birthday on December 24. Zoey has to deal with some serious events, such as the death of her teacher, Patricia Nolan', and a few other things that I won't mention to not spoil the story.

On the 'normal' site of things, Zoey also realizes that there is something else she has to deal with...while many people try to find one boyfriend, she has no less than 3...

"Oh for craps sake. You're not dying again, are you? It's seriously inconvenient when you do that."

— - Aphrodite

Untamed (House Of Night Book #4)

Untamed is the 4th book in the by now extremely popular vampyre series featuring Zoey who has more to deal with than other teens of her age. For example her friends are all mad at her, her 3 boyfriends have all become ex-es, and from a very popular girl she finds in the position of a real outcast.

How did she up like this? And who on Earth is Aphrodite? The series becomes darker and darker (something that I love!) and more gothic in nature.

Hunted (House Of Night Book #5)

By now the series is becoming seriously addicted! Zoes gets back in the good graces of her old friends and all of them together are hell bent to defeat the vampire leader, who is in fact also their headmaster.

This series is not boring at all and it has enough suspense to keep you reading and wanting for more. For example she and her friends manage to set fire to the school and she has to make a difficult choice...the right one.

The Benedictine Abbey in the book is in fact the real life St. Joseph Monastery
The Benedictine Abbey in the book is in fact the real life St. Joseph Monastery | Source

Tempted (House Of Night Book #6)

By this book some people are starting to get bored of the series, but not me. I enjoyed even this book, almost as much as The Vampire Diaries. But back to Zoey and her trials and tribulations.

The story is told from 6 people's point of view, including: Zoey, Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, Rephaim, Heath and Stark, and it focuses on Zoey and her friends regrouping after almost having died in the previous novel. Also here we see more about Stevie Rae and her secrets, and about the group's plans for Kalona 's demise.

Burned (House Of Night Book #7)

This is the first book where I felt a bit that the story was being dragged on, almost like the authors ran out of story line. It was still good, but the first 6 books were much better.

Here you get the story told again from different perspectives, including that of Zoey, Stark's, Kalona's, Aphrodite's, Heath's, Rephaim's, and Stevie Rae's.It seems that the entire world of Zoey is in danger of collapsing. Zoey is trapped in the Otherworld and her friends have to pull her back before she completely fades away. And again, of course, there's Aphrodite...

Awakened (House Of Night Book #8)

In this installment we find Zoey on the Isle of Skye where is recuperates with Stark. In the meantime Neferet, reinstated as High Priestess at the House of Night, is plotting against Zoey. Queen Sgiach asks Zoey to stay on Skye and take over from her, so Zoey is considering it...I mean why woulld she go back to Tulsa when everyone is so much against her there?

Here again Stevie Rae has a more prominent role and as I quite like her, I enjoyed reading about her as well.

Destined (House Of Night Book #9)

Destined is the 9th book in the popular series, and here we find Zoey back home in Tulsa in her own House of Night. Zoey's mom has died and Zoey has a dream of her entering the Otherworld.

The narrative again switches from character to character as in the last couple of books. It gives insight into several characters, and while the plot didn't have something extremely explosive to it, we do find out for example the secret about Zoey's mom and a few other things. Not the best book in the series, but if you've stuck with it so far, worth a read....

Hidden (House Of Night Book #10)

This is the so far last book in the popular series House of Night, and it was recently released, in October 2012. Going just as strong as the previous books in the series, it didn't disappoint.

Aurox learns more about himself and about where he stands in the world. Lenobia, well, you'll see what will happen with Lenobia :) And just predictable and bad-ass as usual. Without giving the new plot away, let's just say that if you liked the previous novels in the House of Night series, you'll love this one as well!

I've bespelled this locket, for you; my own, my mate. The day has come when death forced us to part. You must know that I for you, forever, I shall wait. So until we meet again I hold your love safely within my heart.

— - Dragon's Oath

Revealed (House of Night Book #11)

Revealed is the 11th book in the paranormal series House of Night. I have to admit, this was so far my least favorite book in the series. Considering there is only one more book until the series ends,

I honestly believe this book could have been easily ignored (as in not written) because it's nothing more than a filler for the rest of the story.

Nothing major happening here, even the humor is lacking. I was really sad about this one and was hoping that the last book, the ending, would at least redeem the series.

Redeemed (House of Night Book #12)

So here we have Redeemed, the last book in the series. Revealed was a little more than a disaster (at best a very boring read), so all the fans were eagerly waiting for Redeemed, to finally get a conclusion to this long story.

It comes out next month in October, and I'll buy it just to get the darn series out of my system!

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© 2012 Marika

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    • HalloweenRecipes profile image


      5 years ago

      Sounds like a fun read. The Twilight books are some of my favorites, I couldn't put them down.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @kristalulabelle: I couldn't agree with you more. I started reading the first book and finishes it that day. They are amazing and I just can't stop reading them. Can't wait for more book to come out. #teamstark

    • kristalulabelle profile image


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Wow, I think I will have to add this series to my list of books to read. I love series because I feel that the characters are much more developed and I devour books so quickly that it makes me sad when they're over too quickly! Great info!

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image


      6 years ago

      I haven't read any of the House of Night books, but they look delightful... just the ticket for a rainy evening with some good chocolate :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Well done lens. I love how you have structured your content to be so beneficial for those who enjoy the series. ~blessed~

    • WildFacesGallery profile image


      6 years ago from Iowa

      I've read this series and quite enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      Auntie-M LM 

      6 years ago

      Looks like an interesting series.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great - another dozen books to add to my reading list. Wish there were more hours in the day!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Thanks for the introduction to The House of Night Books In Order.

    • Camden1 profile image


      6 years ago

      I haven't, but I'm planning to mention them to my book club vampire-loving buddies who are always in search of good books.


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