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Tips, Tricks and Tools for Content Creation for Generating More Income Online

Updated on February 14, 2020
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The author is a young schoolboy who loves reading and is very much interested in interacting with other writers.

Writing Articles Online

Power of the Internet is tremendous with technological advancement. We are heading towards a world which is going to live on the internet. With the fast-approaching 5G technology revolution, everything is finding its direction, leading to the online systems. We are getting prepared to enjoy the Internet of things, which includes a lot of useful text content in the forms of convincing articles. Gone are the days of SMSs for communication. So, get prepared with a bunch of article URLs to communicate with others in this changing world.

Elements of Online Article Creation

There are four things that matter very much as far as the online articles are concerned. Only with these four strong pillars, your articles will stay visible online for a long time attracting the reader's attention.

1. Creativity matters

2. Tools matters

3. The proper usage of style matters

4. Atmosphere matters

Creativity in Yourself

In today’s world, people are fast learning and growing, there are millions of writers in the world and we need to be creative and unique to compete with them and rank in the search engine page. For this, we need to choose appropriate and user-friendly words. For example, don’t write: ‘Going to Goa’ at the same time don’t write: ‘Goa trip is enjoyable and it is good out there’ better write: ‘Where to Visit in Goa – Fascinating Locations and Things’. Writing long-form, descriptive title will attract more people to your articles, giving you more readership.


By using tools you may have more chance to engage with readers in your article.

There are two major tools:

1. Grammarly for Grammar and Choice of words

Sometimes confusions on the choice of word may affect the article's score. To prevent it, the appropriate use of grammar is a must and you can use Grammarly for making corrections. Grammarly not only makes you aware of the mistakes committed by you but, also checks the suitable words for the sentence to have clarity. It has a basic plugin for the Google Chrome users or this application can be downloaded in your device. In any platform, Grammarly appears in the right corner with a tone emoji which expresses the type of tone we are using.

Grammarly plugin in the right-hand corner with a tone detector
Grammarly plugin in the right-hand corner with a tone detector

2.Speech-to-text Format

Nowadays the tech devices have some helpful bots namely chat-bots. These help us in times of urgency or important work, which pushes you to make a very bad article and may not be liked by all; you can use the speech-to-text in 'Google Keep' in mobile phone or 'Google Docs' in computer. This converts your voice into words and thus your time will be saved considerably. For PC, conversion of offline speech-to-text, you have to enable speech recognition.

Speech-to-text offline in computer
Speech-to-text offline in computer
Speech-to-text in google docs
Speech-to-text in google docs

3. Other Tools

There are a lot of tools available for making your online articles complete and attractive:

  • Text colours
  • Callouts
  • HTML codes
  • Photos and videos links
  • Use of various widgets

1. Try maximum not to complicate your titles.

2. Follow the specified format for attractive styles.

3. Be formal in your articles to add value.

The Proper Usage of Style

Stylish articles will engage the readers from the title to the end. Making the first words of the title and the subtitle are very important. Be stylish in your article layout. The format which this platform uses is the American Psychological Association (APA) style. We can take the example we took before: ‘Where to Visit in Goa – Fascinating Locations and Things’ In this, you can see the first letters of ‘to’, 'in' and 'and' are not capitalized because these are connectors between the subject, object and the verbs, so we need not capitalize it.


When our mind is free the words flow like a river. So an open mind is very much important. But, at times when we don’t have anything in our mind the best to do is going out for a tour a or a nature walk. It will help you get more ideas and the mind will be fresh again.

Draft articles or articles from scratch

A writer may first write his article in a piece of paper, speech-to-text it and then read it with full concentration, two times, which will help your article to become good in quality for the first attempt itself.

More Perfection

When you have finished reading it for the second time you can give it to your colleague, groupmates or to your family members for the third process reading and editing, but people working alone have to read it themselves for the third time thoroughly.

Types of Content

Story Writing

Story writing can be of many types it may be boring or interesting, but you don't want your story to be boring, do you? Stories with a flow always make the readers read your article top to bottom, but stories which are stuck in the middle do not gain any attention of the reader and skip to the next content. Hence, the stories which are very engaging and flowy are considered to be the best

Inverted Pyramid (journalism)

The Inverted pyramid (journalism) is mostly used by journalists and other writers. This illustrates how information must be prioritized and structured. Most of the news reports, blogs and editorial columns are formatted in this way. It is picturised in this way: The first part of the inverted pyramid is on most substantial, interesting, and important information. The second is on other important details and is called summary news lead. The third part is about the other general information/background information.

The inverted pyramid (journalism)
The inverted pyramid (journalism)

How Writing on Different Mediums Can Help Us

When we write online on our own website, or when we post it on Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, etc. We may not get any profit, when we buy our own website it costs us for the domain ($10), web hosting ($50) and we don’t get more views, the maximum view we may get is from our family, relatives and friends. Facebook, Instagram or Blogger may just give us views but no search engine ranking. But, when compared to its platforms like HubPages, which is free to use, give us lifetime earnings and value in the public and is worthy of all our efforts. It also has a very good number of readers, who visit and comment on your articles.

Final words

When you are a person in a family you don’t get time to spare with them, they may trouble you by saying it is not a pennyworth writing online, friends may tease you on every statement you make on the articles you write. But when you use the content creating skills from the scratch/softcopy ability and other essential elements as mentioned in the above part you may have a better appreciation from them. You should never be disappointed by negative attitude and keep writing consistently and the appreciations may beam out from the people who get the knowledge from you and save their time by reading a valuable and worth-to-read content. So, if you please the reader's requirements through your articles, they will like you and become your fans. If you have a good number of readers in a profit-sharing online medium like the HubPages, you can earn handsome income.

After reading this did you get any idea of how writing can help you?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jnanesh Sharma H


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