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5 simple yet effective Tips for an amazingly Successful life.

Updated on July 10, 2016

Well as by nature , everybody wants to be successful and happy in life. Everything that we do in our life have two reasons for why we do them in first place. One is because we must do them like eating, shitting, paying taxes, sleeping, attending a boring seminar, going to school when you never enjoyed it etc. The second reason why we do is because we desire to do it like travelling, writing, painting, playing music, taking care of our loved ones, etc. One is a necessity and the other is a choice. And once we accomplish the things we do, we feel happy. But is everybody get this feeling of happiness? I don’t think so. Actually most of them are far from being happy the rise in number of prescribed antidepressants every year in every countries explains it. A kid in a school to a man working in his late age, only a little percent of the entire is actually happy and successful. Something must have gone wrong on the way. So today let us explore those aspects of our lives that are most important. And when achieved the desired state, our lives become happy and each one of us be called successful. From the point I see, our human lives have many aspects of its own, but out of those, there are five aspects what I see are the most important ones. And once you perfect in these five aspects of your life, you are living a life that you have always dreamt of. The first one of my concern is the health.



Do you remember the time when you were sick and were in bed? Lots of medications, restrictions in food and always a fatigue feeling though you slept for days, Life becomes crippled. So a compromised health situation is something where I feel life instantly becomes like a withering flower. So this issue tops my priority list. It is one of the first things that we humans enjoy, the good health. We like to move, eat food, talk with friends and family, work and play. This all becomes possible only if you have a good health. The body itself is a biological machine. It must be maintained with care to make it work efficiently. A lot of wastages that we eat gets accumulated in this biological machine and unknowingly,most people suffer from what they give to themselves.That’s what I see in the hospitals all the time. To maintain it there are two most important things that I feel that we must pay attention. Number one is food. Have you ever heard some wise man said” We are what we eat”. Do you know somebody who is an alcoholic? They even smell like alcohol. See the drug abusers, what do you find? If somebody eats a lot of meat, than again the body adjusts likewise and see the vegetarians, they are different than the meat eaters, their body is. It’s because whatever we eat, till it is on the outside of the body it is foreign to the body but once it goes in the body , every fiber of it is transformed to become the body itself. It blends with the body to become a part of it. So let’s be aware of what we are eating, because it is what we are becoming. The next thing that is important is the maintenance of this biological machine. When was the last time that you wanted to lose this layer of fat that’s popping out from your belly but you were too lazy to work for it. Do you remember the time when you saw a picture of someone with a perfect body and you imagined how awesome would it be to have a body like that but you were too lazy to work for it? Yeah it’s really cool to have a body with a perfect shape and good muscle tone, but again something stops people from achieving it. From the point I see, out of many, I see the most important is laziness. Laziness happens due to the lack of motivation. Motivation is the fuel for the things that we do in life. And the more we motivate ourselves, the more real things turn to be. So find things that motivate you, write about them, dream about them, be with the people who motivate you and just do it. That why we are here for. A good food, good exercise and good rest is what the body asks with us all the time for it to work efficiently.

The second important thing that tops my priority list for being successful and happy is the essence of healthy relationships with people around us in our lives.



One of the things that we humans enjoy and fell blessed is our relationships. A child enjoys his parents, a husband and wife enjoy each other, a friend enjoys another friend, colleagues enjoy colleagues and a school going kids enjoys their mates at school. We are social beings and society is something created out of relationships. Relationship is foundation of it. And anyone who is happy has indeed healthy relationships because without it, happiness is not possible. Out of many sorts of relationships, I know for all of us family is the most important one. Our relationship with our family members shapes our lives incredibly. Family includes your parents, husband, wife, children, brother, sister and relatives. The kind of relationship that people have between the family members has a huge impact on whether they are happy and successful or not.They are the milestones of our lives,inside and outside and millions of time, happiness revolves around it. And then come friends. What kind of friends do you have? Are you happy with your friends? Are they helpful to you to achieve your goals? Do they motivate you to pursue for what you desire in life? It might sound ironic but a lot of friends actually are not like that. I had friends in my life who would actually de motivate me a lot. Your friends tell a lot about you. The friends we make actually reflect the way we are and the way we live They are our mirrors in our outside world.. If people would just look at their friends, they would know so much about themselves because friends are what we choose and what we choose is actually what we are. So, be choosy when you make friends because the friends you choose today are the ones that are going to celebrate with you the most important times of your life and also the most depressive ones. A right one and a wrong one will affect your life enormously. You would love to have a friend who is full of positive energy, who could motivate you and be your inspiration instead of someone who would suck up your energy and leave you empty.Family you get by nature, friends you choose, so be aware for whatever you are choosing because again what you chose you become.. The next important relationship is with the people at your work. It is one of the place where we spend a lot of our time when we are awake. So this relationship is the one that you have with your work mates. How is your relationship with them? Do you enjoy to see them at work? Do you have an automatic smile when you see them? Do they enjoy your presence in the office? Anyone who enjoys their work has a healthy relationship with their colleagues because it can’t be otherwise. The moment conflict begins, a part of us gets stuck within one confined emotion of conflict and slowly the whole charm of the work begins to fade away. One wise man said “Clear out your misunderstanding and the rest will clear by itself”. I find it very true. I use it often to resolve issues if they occur. So give time to yourself, communicate with your people, try to listen, don't just speak, find out your flaws and work on them. The people you know, know you better than anybody else. Ask from them the things you need to know , give them what they want, create a balance between your relationships and live a happy life. Success will follow you. Being successful in creating a healthy relationship with people is the root for happiness. It is a big accomplishment.

The third important issue in human life as I see is carrier and ambition.


Carrier and Ambition

10 years from now, how do you see yourself? Where do you see yourself? How is your life different from now? Are you having a status where you are able to help people around you? All the things that matters to you now, do you have them then? In a whole are you living a life that you have dreamt of? I say carrier is important because our carrier gives us the answers to these above questions which are really important. Your carrier involves your ambitions in life and your ambitions shape the formation of your life. The better your ambition is, the better becomes your carrier and your life. Human mind loves progress. With progress comes satisfaction. A carrier where you will stuck for your whole life without any progress might not be the one smart people want to choose. When I say carrier, it’s not about having a fancy job but instead it’s about doing things that you enjoy to make the income for the life that you are living. A psychological research said every human brain has a genius inside, in some may be multiple too. Someone might be a genius in teaching, some in parenting, some in writing, some in cyber net, some in mathematics, some in sports, some in painting, some in analyzing things, some in motivating, some in marketing, and the list goes long. Being genius is not about memorizing 100 words in one minute and telling them in a sequence without looking. Being genius is about doing things and accomplishing them with excellence. The mathematical genius who was once considered to be a hopeless learner Albert Einstein once said” Enjoy the work you do, and you don’t have a work a single day in your life”. So your carrier is not about working your ass off, its about enjoying your profession that you love to do. Explore within, find your field of passion, your genius you lies there. How many people in the world do you think enjoy the work they do? Carrier is the question that answers how you want to spend the most of the daytime of your life. And if you choose a carrier where your heart is, there is no question of not being successful because success in itself is the product of the work done with great energy. And when you spend a maximum amount of energy in certain thing, you are bound to be successful. It is the law. So choose a carrier that you are passionate about and the rest will just follow you. Excellence will become your habit once the object that has been chosen is something that you love to do. Success results from excellence and your excellence results from your passion and your energy you spend to accomplish it..

The fourth aspect of life that I see as most important issue is the financial stability. Money in itself is of no value if there aren't things to buy but since through evolution as we have made we could buy things with money, money has overpowered human minds since then.


financial stability

The food we eat, medicines we buy, the clothes we wear, the house we live, everything is what money buys. The subliminal worthiness on helping the poor and the big smiles on receiving gifts, all are possible because money made it so. Best schools for our children, best teachers to learn new skills from, all need money. That’s why financial stability is of utmost importance to a human life in this present century. So the question comes “ How to be financially stable?” From what I have learnt till now, I see that financial stability is more like an attitude towards money itself. It’s about becoming rich within allowing to attract the richness outside. Your confidence that you can make money, your gratitude towards this power, your willingness to pay the price to earn it, your ability to use it wisely, all of it matters when it comes to making money. Dream big, know that you are infinite in this universe with infinite possibilities, write your dreams down, develop a faculty within where you have all sensory experiences that you would have when you have money in abundance, and consciously use your energy to drive your ambitions towards your goals of financial stability, you are bound to success. It’s not me who said it but many billionaires that lived our planet who started with nothing but with dreams that were big. They know, so they say and I know they said the truth. One of the richest man in present times said” It’s not your fault that you were born poor, but it’s your fault if you die poor” It explains a lot because this man started his journey with nothing except his big dreams. The bigger your dream the bigger you manifest, people said and I write it here for all because I know it’s happening. Your dreams, your desire and your willingness to make it happen shape your financial manifestation. Choose money to save and be wise while you spend, conservation of energy is what makes it possible to have it in abundance. Let your finances serve you, don’t be its slave because masters rule and slaves become ruled. No matter wherever you are right now, be positive about it, implant within the thoughts of richness and allow it to grow big that it manifests out. Things are thoughts first. Let your thoughts become things. Follow excellence in your carrier, detach yourself from the poor person within and let the richness flourish. Aim the top, only than you hit top.

The last but not the least, which I personally find most interesting and amazing is Discovering oneself.


Discover yourself

Few decades back, a scientist took some Graphite (a soft, dark grey form of carbon used in the middle of pencils) and put it into a very high pressure chamber. After certain time he found the Graphite to be turned into one of the most expensive things existing in the earth, the Diamond. Would the graphite had never be pressurized, it would remain as Graphite forever. It is exactly what we humans are about. Given a sufficient amount of pressure, we accomplish things that we thought would never be possible. We humans always strive for a sense of security and it is purely biological which we have attained through evolution. I don't want to say to be secured is bad but this feeling has been so dominating and holding people so strong that a lot of them never dare to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Most of us live like a frog inside a pond for our entire life. Only a few push themselves hard enough to jump out of this pond of security and see that the there is much more to see, much more to achieve in life than just a little pond. That is what I mean by discovering yourself. We all, when we are born, our mind is like a white canvas which has been painted by various people and situations that we come across in life. It is sad that our mind is so much full of limitations than freedom and courage. From our parents to teachers and friend and people who impact our lives, all of them paint our minds with limitations infinitely. So we all have established a certain kind of thought pattern within us where we limit ourselves overly and overly again. In a human life, around 35% of the dialogue we make is external and the remaining 65% is internal. Our internal Dialogue plays a crucial role in our psychological formation and it is almost an unconscious process. Once I knew about it, I started to pay attention to my internal dialogue for years till I am able to think consciously and clearly. Still a lot of times it escapes my awareness.The mind is an instrument for thinking and it is wild when it comes to thinking. So I feel taming this power of thinking and rearranging its robotic pattern is extremely important to shape our psychodynamic configuration. Happiness becomes a choice then, not a situation. Within our own mind, we unlock the mysteries of human potential. Everything that is around us now, was something that happened first within the mind. None of them was existing outside. Mind thought and made it real.

There is a story in some Hindu script. When the creator created humans, he also created a key to unlock the mysteries of infinite potential. The task of the humans in life was to find this key and realize who they actually were.The creator was confused where to hide this key because he knew once humans will grow, they will reach the depths of ocean, they will dig the depths of the earth and also they will explore the infinite space. So he couldn't really think of a place where he could hide this key as he wanted finding the key to be challenging for the humans. So after giving a lot of thoughts he decided to hide this key within the minds of the human consciousness itself. He knew the humans will be so extroverted in life that they will forget to seek within. And the day they would start to seek within, they would be greatly amazed to know their very nature. And every man who has given humanity big leaps indeed somehow had found this key. Every self made man like a Buddha, the philosophers and mystical teachers, the scientists and even richest self made billionaires say the key to success is within you. The one who makes success happen is you and the one who stops it from happening is also you. Find your patterns and apply them correctly. The power of mind is amazing. Its unstoppable.

The first time I knew about the half cell stage in human life (In my other hub -- "And the winner is you" its more in detail) I knew nature doesn't allow non-winners to be born here, every limitation we possess is acquired and whatever is acquired can be changed from the level of mind. So be it. Be the change that you want to be and live the way you have dreamt being, successful and happy always.

So take care of your health, be responsible in you relationships, enlarge your ambitions, pursue your financial goals and while you do all of these discover yourself, the infinite you. Success will follow you always and so will happiness..


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