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How to easily avoid cheating in marriage

Updated on December 4, 2012

How to easily avoid cheating in marriage

Many people who got married because that is what everyone is doing, believe that it is burdensome. However , it could be very enjoyable where there is love and mutual trust. When cheating rears it's ugly head, the trust flies out of the window. This is worst when the cheating partner was caught pants- down.


How to easily avoid cheating in marriage

Marriage can be enjoyable especially where there is love and mutual trust .Whenever cheating rears it's ugly head ,it gives a technical knockout to the trust. This is worst when the cheating partner was caught red-handed. It requires an equally cheating spouse or a partner with such tendencies to easily forgive. Forgetting about the issue is a different ball game.This are some ways to avoid cheating in a marriage.

Fulfill conjugal rights.

This is a hard earned right that should be mutually respected by both partners. When one of the parties is constantly denied this right ,they could be exposed to temptation. This is because no-matter how we flex our emotional muscles ,the flesh could be weak sometimes.

Close marking

It is true that absence makes the heart fonder.However, leaving our spouse on their own for long stretches of time is a recipe for cheating .The more good looking the partner ,the closer should be the marking.This is because cute spouses are subjected to cheating temptation that is higher than average.

Don't involve Friends

Most couples especially new ones has a funny way of marrying . The partners are also married to their families and friends.Some relay every tit-bit of the marriage situation to their friends and families .This makes the relationship vulnerable to outside interference. Some of this friends would gradually mutate from technical-adviser to marriage- councilors and before long they could finally change to auxiliary or part-time partner.

Be contented

A partner who is not contented with the financial level of the house- hold is a potential candidate for cheating. Nothing wrong with hating an unsatisfactory situation . However ,this should spur the partners to work harder and not to keep seeking for better offers while in a relationship. If there are useless well-to-do friends around, with little or no regard for the sanctity of marriage ,the temptation would be higher. Contentment is not only materially but in all ramification . Wherever one partner is found wanting should be remedied.If they are willing to learn . This would ensure that nobody leads anybody into temptation.

Be on top of your game

Most spouses lose their fashion sense once they have tied the nuptial knot. This becomes worst when they have dropped one or two babies. However,this doesn't factor their better- half into the equation because they could be missing the cute person they married . In-order to avoid this ,partners should endeavor to hold and maintain the attention of their better-half by their look and feel.

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How to easily avoid cheating in marriage

How to avoid cheating in marriage

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