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How To Get Free Books On Kindle

Updated on September 9, 2014

Find Free Reading Material For Your eReader

If you have a Kindle, or any other eReader gadget, then you'll probably want to know how to get free books on Kindle, and this is where you've come to the right place. You see, there are many great ways to find free downloadable reading stuff, but you have to know the places - and the ways. And I'm talking here about legitimate ways - trust me, there are plenty of them. And no, and I'm not only talking about the public domain ones that you probably already know of by now.

Knowing how to find free downloadable reading material is easy but tedious work. However once you have all the places listed on a page like this one, you can simply bookmark this page (which is constantly updated with new ways I found free books for my Kindle) and come back to it over and over again. You'll be saved from hours of research!

So let's see some of the best ways to download legally free reads for your Kindle on all sorts of topics!

To get you started reading for free without any extra searches, simply click through to: Top 100 Free Kindle Books. Have fun!

The Pull Of eBooks Vs Buying The Physical Books

Ok I admit, I'm the latest addition to lovers of getting eBooks. Don't get me wrong, I love physical books, I have a ton of those at home (probably right now over 2000), and maybe that's exactly why I now get my reading material in eReader format, because my shelves are overflowing as it is.

At the moment the only paperbacks I actually buy are hobby books (on making jewelry, perfume, on spirituality, stuff like that). But novels to read, I don't buy them anymore. Even those that I have at home, once read, I will donate them to the local church charity library or give to friends. I need to reclaim back my space at home!

Ono thing that I don't like in the eBooks is that I can't actually touch them, smell them (yep, the physical ones do have this specific smell that I love), and flip the pages with my fingers. But if flipping pages is what you like, the Kindle or other eBook readers, or even the iPad have software that allow you to do almost that, simply by flicking your finger over the surface to turn the page. I actually love this motion, and not once I've been caught to try to do this with a regular physical book.

Personally I think that we're really moving towards a paperless world (one good thing here is that we also save trees in the process), so while we're doing this, we'd also better get used to it. We should treasure the reads we have, but when it comes to simply reading a novel that we'll never give a second look later on, why not grab the eReader version, and if it happens to be free at Amazon or other such places that offer them for free - why not?

See why I started to get my Kindle reading material? My books are even on the floor!

See why I started to get my Kindle reading material? My books are even on the floor!
See why I started to get my Kindle reading material? My books are even on the floor!

Do You Own a Kindle?

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The Ebook Formats A Kindle Can Open

The Kindle can open many different file formats, but sadly not all. When you check out the websites shown further down below, you will notice that their downloadable ebooks (or those directly transferable to your Kindle) will have different file extensions. So here are the ones the popular (or latest) Kindle models can open:

* .azw files - the Kindle's native file format

* .txt files - simple, plain text files

* .pdf files - Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (it can only open the non-protected pdf files)

* .mobi files - Mobipocket (sometimes also under .prc file extensions - non-protected only)

* .tpz files - Topaz files

* .mp3 files - Audio files for audio books

If you download other file types, you will need to convert them to own device. But you can only convert those that don't have DRM protection (for protection against piracy). The websites below are safe for downloading legit files and you will be given on each site information about the type of files you will get.

Did You Know That You Can Read Them On iPad As Well?

See below for the tutorial on how to do it - it's simple and it's actually the way I read my own stuff on my iPad

How To Read A Kindle ebook On An iPad

find the Kindle app on the iPad
find the Kindle app on the iPad

I don't have a Kindle eReader, but I have my iPad 3 and I'm reading stuff that I download from free from Amazon on a regular basis. It's very easy to set it up and you don't have to actually buy a Kindle for that. Here's how you do it:

Head over to Amazon Kindle page and read the article posted there on how to download Kindle for iPad. Then grab you iPad and open the Apple App Store and simply type in "Kindle" in the search, like you see in the photo above.

Once you find the actual app, click on the Free button, to start the installation process.

Click The Green Install App Button

install Kindle app
install Kindle app

Once you clicked on the Free button, the app shows up in larger view, to double-check that this is the one you want to install. It's ok. Next, simply click on the green Install App button on the top, so you can start downloading the app to your iPad, as shown above.

Enter Your Apple ID Password

enter your Apple ID password
enter your Apple ID password

The final step before downloading the Kindle app is to enter your Apple ID password, which you should have from the time you actually started downloading stuff from the Apple Appstore (you need to enter this password every time you download anything from the app store, be it paid or free).

Once you do that, the Kindle app will start to install and it will take only a moment before it's downloaded to your iPad.

Find Your Kindle App On Your iPad

open your iPad app
open your iPad app

Once the app is downloaded, simply flick over to the next screen on your iPad to find the app - it will have a New blue badge on the right top of the app icon as shown below. Click on it to open your new app.

Open Your New App And Enter Your Credentials

open app and enter your credentials
open app and enter your credentials

The final step before starting to read your Amazon stuff on your iPad is to open the app, which will then prompt you with your Amazon credentials. If you don't have them yet, simply head over to the Amazon page and register your account. But if you've ever shopped at Amazon, you will already have your account there.

Next click on the big orange button Register This Kindle, and once that is done, you will have unrestricted access to read anything that is free or that you buy directly at Amazon.

Now you no longer need to have an actual Kindle device to be able to read something that is available at Amazon only.

all image credits: marciag - please do not copy

What Can You Get For Free For Your eReader?

Pretty much every type. From kids' reads, to very old public domain books to modern mysteries and thrillers, along with romances and paranormal romances, you'll find something for every taste. And you don't even need to search for them in shady ways to keep you reading for years!

For a long time we've been using the various public domain resources to download text and pdf free ebooks to read, however let's face it, while many of these are great, we do want to grab a modern mystery to read as well. Afterall we do want to learn about the latest and greatest writngs published by contemporary writers that can shine just as much as the goodies but oldies.

So let's see what we can find here, shall we?

Video Walkthrough On Getting Free Books For Your Kindle eReader

borrow books from library
borrow books from library

Check Out eBooks From Your Library

Works For Kindle And Other Readers Too

If you think libraries are dead, think again. Since most of them have already implemented the recent Kindle lending option, so now you can borrow your favorite books from the library. Here's how it works.

1. You need to have your library card handy.

2. Go to your favorite library's website and check out the ebook section.

3. Find the book you want to borrow (download) and add it to your cart.

4. After the check-out process is finished, you'll get transferred to Amazon's website where you will be able to download it using Wi-fi (simply connect your Kindle to the wi-fi to get it).

Notes: If the book is very popular, you might have to be put on a waiting list. This is because due to the way the books are tracked, each copy can be donwloaded only once at a time. Also if I'm not mistaken, you can read the book for 14 days, after which it gets transferred back to the library.

Getting All Free Amazon Books To Read

The Amazon 0.00 Trick

There is another way to get all the currently free Kindle Ebooks at Amazon using the 0.00 trick. What you do here is the following:

1. Go to the Kindle Bookstore (Kindle Bookstore)

2. Search for 0.00

You'll get here hundreds, if not thousands of free reads for your device to download immediately. Of course, while you're here, you can refine your search by categories on the left side of your screen.

The Popular Amazon Trick In Google

Simply head over to Google and type the below exactly as it is written:

intitle:kindle "you save * (100%)" search-phrase

Replace your 'search phrase' with what you're looking for.

This will give you a list of Amazon free Kindle ebooks on your favorite topic.

Book lending
Book lending

Swap Ebooks at Swapping Websites

Yes, these sites are official and you can simply sign up (free to register) and start swapping your books. away.

Here are some of the popular ebook swapping sites to check out.

Book Lending

Ebook Fling

To start borrowing and lending your Kindle ebooks, you need to sign up to these sites. Then if you have books that you want to lend out, click on the button Lend, and if you want to borrow a book, click on the button Borrow. There is a growing number of people signing up for these two sites as this is a great way to get the latest and greatest books that others have paid money for and you can borrow them - for free.

Note: There is usually a time limit until you can keep a borrowed read, usually it's 14 days, after which the book gets transferred back to the lender's Kindle.

Get Public Domain Reading Material For Free

Of course, we can't forget about the public domain stuff that you can get for your Kindle. Here are some of the more popular sources: - you can currently download over 1 million free reading material

Project Gutenberg - Not so big as openlibrary, yet you can still find over 36,000 free ones from here

Way Back Archive - This is another very popular source for getting your reading for free. Simply go to Texts and start reading. Part of Wayback Archive is also Openlibrary, however I mention it separately because this has so much more: movies, music and even older cached versions of websites long defunct. I used to spend hours here!

Free Google Books - Google Books has also a nice free section that you can peruse and download.

Wikibooks - Part of WIkipedia, Wikibooks has free textbooks, annotated texts, instructional guides, and manuals.



Bookyards is "The Library To The World, a web portal in which all sorts of reading stuff including education materials, information, and content will be free to anyone who has an internet connection."

You can find there almost 18,000 free ebooks and tons more links to other free ebook resources online. They have an easy navigation interface, you can search for books internally or on other sites, and you can go by category as well. I found it pretty useful to get some interesting reading stuff there.

If you're a new indie author, by offering Kindle ebooks for free you can increase your exposure so readers can learn more about you and get to read and enjoy your books.

Do You Enjoy Reading Free Ebooks On Your Kindle?

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Do You Like Downloading Free eBooks For your Reader?

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    • profile image

      sybil watson 

      5 years ago

      I'm hoping to get a Kindle Fire for my birthday in a few months, and I will definitely be back to take advantage of all your great tips!

    • seeker2011 lm profile image

      seeker2011 lm 

      5 years ago

      I have to admit my kindle is my good knowledgeable friend. So many never ending free books to enjoy I wonder if it will become an issue. In the mean time I will take my kindle wherever I roam. What a great bit of technology.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Another great place is I've used it to get daily free ebooks from bestsellers and deals up to 90%

    • Fiorenza profile image


      6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the info. I think there may be a problem with the polls on this as none of them were working.

    • profile image


      6 years ago is another site that notifies you of free Kindle ebooks each day.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice Amazon search trick! Bookmarking this lens for when I get my hands on my own Kindle. Thanks for sharing this :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thx u! I just bought my new kindle touch!

      this is a great help!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am sooooo excited, to get books for free, am disabled and on a small pension this means so much for me .

    • Carina99 profile image


      7 years ago

      I like very much when people share links about free books! Thank you !

    • JeanJohnson LM profile image

      JeanJohnson LM 

      7 years ago

      thanks for all the links, I look forward to download some stuff!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very informative lens with a thorough overview of what's available. Thank you.


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