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How to Write Winning Essays

Updated on December 2, 2017

How to Write Good Essays

Illustration on "How to write winning essays"
Illustration on "How to write winning essays" | Source

How to Win Essay in a Competition

What is the definition of essay writing or essay? How can one write winning essay? Essay writing is a write-up on any specific or particular topic. A good essay portrays important writing skills . This has helped many secondary and undergraduate students, graduates and even the youths financially and skilfully. You can win essays.

There are many mistakes that students make in writing essay competitions. But, below are some important guides on how to write winning essays:

  1. Adhere to instructions: This is one of the most important things in essay writing if you want to win. Properly read the instructions on what you are told to do. Do not write any essay without reading the instructions on it. If a friend tells you that there is an ongoing essay competition, do not just copy the topic and start writing. What you need to do is to get the details of the essay which includes instructions on it.
  2. Start to write on time: Do not wait for the last minute before you start writing any essay. Make sure that you start early enough. This will make you to put down a quality piece. Do not say ‘this is August, the deadline is September; I will begin to write on September’. Starting on time will make you to put down a solid introduction, which comprises of the the part that will be fully developed in the body of the essay. Introduction is one of the most important parts of every essay. Do not joke with introduction when engaging in essay competition.
  3. Proper Research on the topic: This matters a lot in essay. Some essays require proper research on them. This research can be done through the internet with the important keywords on the essay. Also, some research can be carried out through the libraries, newspapers and through other means. Go to news vendors shops and search for news relating to the topic you want to write. It will help you to provide good references at the end of your essay writing. It is also good if you enter a library to pick books relating to the topic you are to write.
  4. Outlining: Before writing any essay competition, make sure that proper outline had been made. This is the listing of the important points that will form the topic paragraphs. Any essay without proper outline will not win in any essay contest.
  5. Grammatical accuracy: Make sure your essay is grammatically correct. Avoid the use of any jargon. Competition on essay writing requires the use of right grammar. It is a competition, so you have to make sure there is agreement between the words. To check on grammatical accuracy, you can make use of grammar checker. It is software that checks grammatical accuracy, and one can make use of it with computer. It can be obtained through the search engines like Google and
  6. Proper paragraphing: This is one of the weak points of many essay writers or essayists. They do not know how to make paragraphs in essays. Any paragraph must contain topic sentence. This is what will be developed to full sentences that will make the paragraph. Any essay without good paragraphs is like a car without break.
  7. Confidence: Many who engage in essay competition fail because they lack confidence within them. When I submitted my first winning essay, I had confidence within me that I would make it. I told myself, since others made it, I can make it. A person who believes he can fail will indeed fail. Just believe that you can make it and you will excel. Jettison any spirit of doubt in you. Do not give any room to fear.
  8. Simple Grammar: Essay writing is not an avenue to tell the judges that you are the master of “big grammar”. It is not a place where you go and blow grammar that even you cannot explain. It is written so that any who understands English Language can easily read. Do not engage in essay competition to tell the judges that you know the whole English words in dictionary.
  9. Description: Writing in essay competitions requires thorough details. Explain the topic you are writing as much as possible. Essay competitions require descriptions of the principal points. This is where the judges focus on. Essay must be described as clear as possible.
  10. Suitable font size: This is for essay writing competitions that involve typing. Most standard font sizes used in essay is font 12 or 14. It is not good to use font sizes that are too big or too small. The font must be in such a way that any reader can easily read your work. If the instruction says anything other than font 12 or 14, adhere to it.
  11. Proofreading: This is reading through the essay to know if ones write-up is grammatically correct. This is an editing stage. It is done over and over again to make some corrections. A well proofread essay stands the chance to emerge as the winning entry. Proofreading must not be done by the writer alone. You can take it to your lecturer or teacher to help you. It can also be done by software or a friend.
  12. Proper referencing: This is quoting already written text in your essay. It is very necessary to obtain permission from the author of the book before you refer. Before making reference, make sure that it suits the topic you are discussing at that particular time. This is why I have this heading as “proper referencing” and not just referencing. This is the evidence that shows that the writer really carried out research on the essay. Make sure that the source of your reference can be trusted. References are provided at the end of every essay.
  13. Being selective: It is not a must to take part in all kinds of essay competitions that go on in a particular time. Picking few out of the series of the competition will go a long way in helping you put down what is interesting and catchy at the end. It is not good to be Jack of all trades and master of none, but much okay to be Jack of few trades and master of all. When you chose to write on few topics out of many, you are likely to put down sound piece at the end.

  • Reviewing essays that won prizes: Another way through which one can win in essay competitions is by standing on the shoulder of giants. Giants are those who have already won in essay competitions. Taking a look at their works will give you upper hand on how to write your own essay and stand the chance of winning after the competition or among the best.

Also, this is in line with making additional efforts to find out other writing tips. Take out your time to make good research. It will stand as plus to your essay as it will make you put down quality work.

Converting Failed Essay to Money

There are ways through which people who have been writing essay competitions can make their money out of their failed essays. Essay competition is competition and everyone cannot win in it. I was only writing and dumping my failed essays until I came across this website called Hubpages. You can publish those essays of yours that did not make it in essay competitions and make money out of them. After that, you may spend the time you use in writing essays on the site to publish more articles and increase your earnings.

Hubpages is a created place for writers and does not demand money from you. All you need is to signup on Hubpages and upload your essays and even write more articles. All it takes is your computer to write or other higher devices. When you reach the maximum payout, you will be paid. For more information on the payment and others, visit the learning centre of the site.


Every year, companies bring out essay competitions for students to contest, and they have been searching for good ideas on how to write them. Discussed on this piece is how to write essay competitions. Any essayist that wants to win any prize through essay competitions should never give-up in any way. Being persistent is the answer in winning any essay. That point you may feel like giving up may be your time to shine. So, do not give-up at all. Just take note that winners never quite.

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      Hope you enjoyed this topic?

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      This is great

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      Do you know that engaging in competition in essay writing can fetch you good sum of money? But what do you need to make is how to go....