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How Writing Improves your Decision making skill .

Updated on December 26, 2013

Thinking Straight forward - How Writing Improves your Decision making Skills

Mostly we find ourselves judging our own ideas with what the majority believe to be true and we are mostly unable to make confident straightforward decisions . This is because we don't have confidence in ideas . The ensuing contents will discuss how writing is able to develop our analytical skills and improves your decision making .

Writing helps you to to connect with other people who not only have interest in your topic but also understand you and share your point of view . You are able to connect and share ideas with them either through face to face discussions when researching on your topic or through comments placed on article after publishing on a directory . Sharing and exchanging ideas with people who support your ideologies boosts your self esteem . Your thinking ability is improved and you are able to make confident and intelligent decisions . Also when you get to connect with other people of similar interests , you are exposed to other new opinions which helps to correct certain ideologies of your own . When you connect and converse or share with people of similar interests , they get to confirm your positive thoughts or ideas .

Writing also helps one to cut off strings of unnecessary societal influences or stereotypes. You are able to analyse the real facts , compare situations and set your mind straight - that you are not easily carried along by unnecessary societal influence. You get plan ahead of time and prepare for situations . helps you in making good decisions. You are able to make very good decisions because writing improves your critical thinking and you make decisions based on intelligent or broad mind analysis of real situations .

Through writing , you are able to share and influence people with your ideas . The more you do so , the more you build credibility and gain people's trust . The more you share your ideas with people the more you gain confidence in yourself and your own ideas . You are able to discover people who think about the same things that you think or are worried about . You get to notice that you are not alone when you share your ideas with people through writing and this enables you to make confident choices in life .

Decisions that we make in life are influenced by what we already know . Sometimes it's only when we get to sit down and write or pour out our thoughts on paper that we discover the great ideas and information that's hiding within the corners of our minds .

Through writing , the mind is kept in tune with the environment and to recognize information and ideas . We are therefore naturally and constantly kept informed especially in areas that we write about . You keep learning new things and ideas on the news , talk shows , newspapers etc . This new information adds to the old information or knowledge and makes your mind grow . All the knowledge and information are stored in our minds and impacts on the choices we make daily . Although we usually can't point these out exactly or remember them , they automatically and naturally reflects in our thinking and behavior . They help you to make decisions based on accurate analysis and reasoning rather than making decisions based on your emotions .

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    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      You are so right. One of the reasons I like writing on hubpages is reading the comments on my own hubs as well as hubs I am reading.