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Updated on March 11, 2017

What is Comedy .....
To a heart ache it's a remedy
Comedy of errors
Real life It mirrors
Laughter causes in the brain endorphins to release
So to laugh each and every opportunity we must seize
Those who at everything snigger and taunt
Of any joy in their own lives they are want
Surrounded by riches and material things
Why do we live as though cut off are our wings
Something somewhere is terribly wrong
To find that out I do desperately long Wanting to live with in my heart always a song
What's that which will make us complete
Always happy and of sorrow deplete
My past mistakes I never do want to repeat
I think life should be simple and neat Only truth full and good people one must meet
Then life with a sense humour we can approach and meet
And to joy and laughter we can give in life the prior seat !


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