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Updated on July 19, 2017


others suffer

not even an eyelash you flutter

those in deep misery

all you do is sleep

those whose hearts they outpoor

you are annoyed and ignore

yet you claim to be a good friend?

when you wont help someone whose like they could end?

maybe the problem is not with them

maybe it is time you make ammends

or into the pit of dispair you will be sent

into a spiral of unhappiness you will descend

all because you were never a friend

and as the loneliness eats you away

i have one final thing to say

was your reputation worth it?

because if I were you, I'd feel like complete shit

so was it worth it?



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    • LadyPatsyFordjour profile image

      Patsy EwuraAbena Asantewaa Fordjour 7 months ago from Accra-Ghana,West Africa

      please am interested to know