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Am I a poet and don't know it?

Updated on October 2, 2014

Poetry that probably isn't technically correct

I love writing stuff.... I love writing my blog, emails, work reports, letters, random rants, whatever; I just love writing. I think its my own version of being an artist. I'm a rubbish painter apart from emulsion on the walls and so I use words to express creativity.

To the purist my technical ability probably leaves a lot to be desired but am I bothered? No of course not as to me the very action of putting the words together is enough for me. I don't care it doesn't always rhyme or conform to the perfect stanza. Having said that, a couple of the poems below are written in recognised poetry styles!

So please take a mooch at the this lens and if you like what you read or it bores the pants off you leave me a comment. I appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff.

Ebb and Flow - Tanka

As rivers flow south

Together meeting at sea

Lovers' hearts unite

And joy ebbs and flows forever

Into distant horizon

© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

Butterfly - Oddquain


Beckons me,

Come hither fingers

Lure me from a patchwork world


Intuition knows

Life's tapestry waits,

insists I


© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

So strikes the midnight hour

So strikes the midnight hour

Hungry for the darkest night

To kill and then devour

All that is clear and bright

Hungry for the darkest night

He prowls, silently waits

All that is clear and bright

Destruction he creates

He prowls, silently waits

As night wraps tighter around

Destruction he creates

Without an earthly sound

As night wraps tighter around

To kill and then devour

Without an earthly sound

So strikes the midnight hour

© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

Porcelain Skin

A poem inspired by seeing the beautiful sculpture of the Ecstacy of St Teresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Aflame with passion, oh angel of fire

in human form you stand

Beautiful at the foot of the bed

Golden spear in your hand

You raise your arm, let your arrow fly

To heaving breast exposed

Penetrated with a tip of iron

My body is transposed

Lost in abandonment, head thrown back

As rapture descends on me

Sweet, intense, pain so extreme

Overwhelmed in ecstasy


In recoil and craving I remain

Spiritual consummation within

Cast forever beautiful

In porcelain skin

© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

Swimmer in a secret sea

He fell into the deep fathomless oceans of her eyes

and there he felt suspended for an eternity.

Lost in tempestuous seas, which pulled him deeper

until suddenly he would find gentle release

in the calm still pools of serenity.

Though his journey unpredictable and his escape obstructed

he was unrestrained in his desire to search

through the storms of summer and night

for reasoning to help him empathise

with the passion of a woman's tears.

© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

In her head it rains sometimes

In her head it rains sometimes

she wakes deep in the night

the pitter patter of her heart

gives way to rising fright

Although there is nothing there

she feels a presence near

like storm clouds collecting

darkening and austere

Her mind is working overtime

Sprinkled random thought

tornedo flying emotions

nerves are tense and taut

A river of cool salt water

Flows freely from her form

As she tries to make sense of it

And ride the midnight storm

And just as quickly as it came

The tempest quickly dies

As tears roll down her cheeks

She wakes to clear blue skies

© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

My Immortality

And if the endless consciousness of my soul

shall continue after my death

will I be absorbed into the absolute?

Or shall my Karma cause me to transmigrate

as I am born again but different?

How will the sum of my past deeds be calculated?

What if I am absorbed into an Absolute Mind

will my identity be forever lost

as I float in an astral reservoir?

Light and darkness, pain and pleasure

good and evil, will this be both heaven and hell,

an assimilation of experiences?

But if my immortal soul shall exist in perpetuity

selfless, in a state of pure existence

now is the time to pause and kiss

© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

The power of insecurity

You fed my insecurities

and starved me of love

you covered me in darkness

until I weakened and became yours

You crushed my heart

as it lay beating before you

you stamped on my soul

until I weakened and became yours

You dominated my thinking

and clouded my judgement

so I changed my perspective

until you weakened and became mine

© Copyright 2003 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

Sins of the Father

When naivety and innocence, met with knowledge and power

It was easy, on hindsight, to see how it might end

Her innocent, if alluring smile had concreted his decision

To act.

She smiled and laughed and felt comfortable in his presence

A friendship, with someone she liked and who liked her

Deep in his head he was writing a different story

Planning pain

His strength and suddenness surprised her, took her breath away

An overwhelming panic began to rise as did he

Innocence was about to be curtailed violently

In frenzy

Numbed with shock she gasped, her breath knocked from her

As he held her, forcing himself to explore hidden treasures

That were saved for someone else, his best friend

Her love

She cried out as she felt the thrusting pain whilst he held her neck

Trying to stifle the pleading and crying that might hinder him

It made him stronger gave him an inner rush that drove him

To ecstasy

Like a bullet from a gun, she felt him explode deep inside her

As he lay prostrate across her shattered innocence

She had met the devil and had succumbed to his desires

His sin

Such shame, such powerlessness now contained her

As her life would never be the same again

Ashamed and defiled he had left her a memory

A child

The sins of the father are to be laid upon the child

What burden to bear for such a vulnerable and small soul

To be created from darkness and pain, to be removed

Fom love

And yet love conquers all, even the vilest obstacles in life

From the darkness and sadness from the pain and hurt

The sins of the father became relegated, returned to the devil

Once more

© Copyright 2005 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved


Hallucinogens most extraordinary

have taken me on a journey

beyond my wildest expectations

and experience

A short cut discovered

to transcendental levels

where my mind races headlong

into experience

Kaleidoscopic streams of colour

flow intensly past

time has become lost in

the experience

Aroused perception wavers

I am out of my mind

an ego-alien consciouness

of experience

Controlling my intention

to separate my body and mind

distortions try to panic

wild experience

Journeys to outer reaches

take a hazardous trip

become an acid casualty

statistical experience

Abbreviated trips are available

Cost effective but muted

kodak flashes, no red eye


© Copyright 2003 Jo Galloway. All rights reserved.

Poems from others - Poetry comes in all shapes and sizes!


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