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Maximize Your Time - Be A Clone!

Updated on June 29, 2015
This is me, as a clone!
This is me, as a clone!

Technically - I NEED to be a Clone...

No, no, no! What I mean, is not what you are thinking. Please - don't bombard me with the downsides of cloning. Basically, I do not think it should be done. I believe we are tinkering around with our Creator's handiwork - but, just think about it. Have you ever considered how much more productive you could be, if there were two of you...or three...or more? I never seem to have enough time to accomplish all that I would like to in 24 hours.

Lord, help my husband, but - I want to be a clone!

Wouldn't it be nice to devote ONE of you to simply loving and interacting with your family? What a pleasure! Just imagine what you could do!

Clone Poll ~ Can you not see the benefits?

No, I don't think God made a mistake. Being a unique individual is an incredible experience. But, can't you see how much more each one of us might accomplish?

Would you like to be cloned - in theory, I mean?

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The Family Clone
The Family Clone

The Family Clone

One of me to spend time with my husband and our family. What bliss! Oh, this Family Clone is essential. There never seems to be enough time, to spend with our loved ones, and the urgent frequently crowds out the important, doesn't it?

What an absolute joy it would be, to have the time to visit with each and every member of our huge family - to catch up on what is going on in their lives, and dawdle the youngest grandchildren on my knees. To go fishing, and hiking, and swimming, and bowling - or just to watch a movie together, and roast marshmallows over the fire.

How quickly they grow, how rapidly they are out on their own - and we are left puzzled as to how it all happened so fast. There "oughta" be a law, to prohibit so many distractions from controlling our limited time and energy. I think I'll get on that, right away!

Amazon Help To Find More Time With Your Family

Find More Time: How to Get Things Done at Home, Organize Your Life, and Feel Great About It
Find More Time: How to Get Things Done at Home, Organize Your Life, and Feel Great About It
If you don't seem to have enough time to spend with your family, take a look at Laura Stack's book on how to find it. She has a logical, straightforward approach to the problem, complete with sound advice on how to properly set goals, in order to achieve them. Be specific, be determined, and be enthusiastic about the changes you need to implement. Goal number 1 should be - get Laura's book!
The Phone Clone
The Phone Clone

The Phone Clone

Oh, yes! One clone to handle the phone - I have to opt for that one. At my businesses, it seems that everyone wants to talk to the boss. The "boss" - that's me, is busy most of the time. The Phone Clone will be a tremendous asset, and will free me up, immensely!

Often, I find myself with a phone at each ear, pen in my mouth, typing, and trying to handle the phones while I am working. I must look ridiculous! If I had a Phone Clone, she would be able to converse intelligently with the callers, while I attend to other matters.

I might even be able to have a normal conversation with some of the members of my family - there's a novel thought! My third son, Matthew, keeps telling me - "Mom, your last name is not 'busy', you know! Every time I call, you say - 'Busy!' You are always busy". My daughter, Natalie, says that I don't have TIME to be busy.

They're both right...I DO say that, and - I am!

The Boss Clone
The Boss Clone

The Boss Clone

Well, it's about time! I don't have to make all of the decisions anymore. The Boss Clone will do it all for me. Yea!

I shall "disconnect" every part of the Boss Clone's brain, that has the ability to be distracted. I will simply install a little "circuit breaker", technically called a "distraction disconnection". Other than that function, everything else can remain in place.

No more decisions - on what to buy, what to design, what to grow, or what to promote. I'll have the Boss Clone answer all of the emails, and open the mail, and pay the bills - from money that the Boss Clone generates, and plant the seeds, and generate the advertising, and...this list could go on for a long, long, time!

Organize Your Work Day...In No Time
Organize Your Work Day...In No Time
I absolutely love what the introduction is, on Amazon, to this book. It got my attention immediately, because I DO live at my business, more than I do in my home. The author has some wonderful ideas on how to reclaim sensible hours at your workplace, so you can spend more hours, at home!
The Home Clone
The Home Clone

The Home Clone

My Home Clone will clean in every corner, every nook,

Every cranny will be scrubbed out, and she'll dust off every book.

Her work will not be finished, 'til my home is neat and clean.

My home will frankly scream with shine, the look will be "pristine".

And then, when she has finished, I'll have her start again -

My home will be in tip-top shape - as it has NEVER been!

I NEED this Clone, and I really could have used her when my tribe was young. Why didn't I think of it, then? Oh, that's right - no one was cloning anything, then!

I take it back - I will hire a man!

Who Says It's a Woman's Job to Clean?
Who Says It's a Woman's Job to Clean?
I happen to think Don Aslett is right! Who says women have to be the ones to clean? All of my 8 offspring know how to clean, and 6 of them are men. I have never understood why cleaning is relegated to women. Don Aslett's books are all excellent - this one, should be read to all children, so they understand when they are young. He presents sound, sensible, logical reasons for why everyone in the family should know how to keep things clean.
The Travel Clone
The Travel Clone

The Travel Clone

I just LOVE to travel! Oh, for just one of me, to do only that! I could see my daughter, who goes back and forth to the Middle East. I could see my son, in Alaska, too! Whoever asked them to move out of the area, anyway?

How wonderful, to see the Nile, and the castles in Austria, England, Germany, Switzerland - and the Grand Canyon. I would love to see "Old Faithful", the geyser, and New York City again, covered with snow. I would go back to Costa Rica, and see Niagara Falls, and the Petrified Forest.

If I only had a Travel Clone - I could do all of that, and more!

The Vintage Car Clone
The Vintage Car Clone

The Vintage Car Clone

Oh, the "gangstermobiles"! I just LOVE them, and greatly desire to own one, someday. I just drool over my monthly Hemmings magazine, and have enjoyed it, for years!

To have a Vintage Car Clone to check out all of the big old cars for sale - to quote Audrey Hepburn - oh, wouldn't that be "loverly"? I happen to like the look portrayed here, but a Duesenberg or an old Rolls Royce would suit me just fine. Shoot, I'd even take an old Pierce Arrow --- if I had the time to look around.

I would want to have a "hot-rod", in tones of black and gray - and take it on the interstate, and drive, and drive - all day! As it is, I'm grateful if I get the time to drive HOME!

The Research Clone
The Research Clone

The Research Clone

All right! I admit it. What I really am, deep down a researcher. The Research Clone can spend it's every waking hour, in libraries, all over the country - to read and research every single thing I'd like to know. Oh, to be free to read! My clone will find places I'd like to discover, fill its brain with secrets I'd like to uncover, find out how to do a plethora of things, it would read about chemistry, nature and kings.

A speed-reading researching clone she would be. Her first task? Our unabridged dictionary...

She'd read thousands of books, in my own library; cross-reference, and check them, for accuracy.

Then, digest them completely; report back to me - what a way to get knowledge! Don't you agree?

Think about that - what bliss it would be! Would it free up my time? INDUBITABLY!

The Granny Clone
The Granny Clone

The Granny Clone

I need to have a Granny Clone to be with all of my dearly beloved grandchildren - the multitudinous offspring of some of this bunch of mine. Actually, two of them are not even in the photo. Oh, I just have to be cloned for exclusive interaction with my children's children! Most of them live close by, but I hardly get a chance to see them. That ought to be a crime punishable by death.

To work so hard, for so many years, to support a family - and THEN, to have them grow up, go out on their own and have families of their own - that I don't seem to have time to enjoy...

What a revolting development! With the Granny Clone, my grandchildren will get a chance to see their "Granny", as I am affectionately known.

Only 49 Reasons?

Grammie Rules: 49 Reasons to Spend Time with your Grandkids
Grammie Rules: 49 Reasons to Spend Time with your Grandkids
The author has a really good idea, here, but I'll bet I could come up with a lot more than 49 reasons to spend time with my grandchildren. I have 27 of them right now, and wish I could spend a LOT more time with them. Something is wrong with the way we live, because we spend SO much time doing things that don't last, and so little time attending to things that DO!
The Worship Clone
The Worship Clone

The Worship Clone

How about a Worship Clone? One of me who does nothing else but praise and worship God, our Creator - for the magnificent things He has done; oh, the Worship Clone is a must!

When my eyes behold the heavens,

When I hear the thunder roar.

When I witness birth, or see the Earth,

I thrill to praise Him more!

Oh, to have the time, to properly return thanks, for the splendor of His handiwork...

The Author Clone
The Author Clone

The Author Clone

One of me, just to write...yes, I definitely need to have an Author Clone. Instead of hastily scribbling notes down on anything that will allow me to write on it, my Author Clone can be available 24 hours a day, to write down whatever pops into my head, and publish it!

I've already decided - this clone is a must! My fingers can take a break from the keyboard, my pens will last, my pencils will stay sharp, my brain will be clear, and the Author Clone can take up the slack.

Photo credit: Public Domain Photo - City of Yuma, AZ website.

At Long Last - Freedom!

Or...IS it?

At last, all of my clones are in place! Now, I can FINALLY find the time to do the things that I enjoy. I'll have plenty of time to spend with my family, and read, and research, and run the businesses, and plant my trees, and converse on the phone, and travel the world...


I have just talked myself out of a job, haven't I? If my clones take over all of my obligations - every task I have set myself to do - every conversation I might like to have - visiting every place I'd like to travel - seeing all of the people I'd like to see - and doing whatever else I can exploit my clones to do --- I will become perfectly useless and unnecessary!

I take it all back - I DON'T want to be a Clone!

I take it all back - I don't want to be a clone!
I take it all back - I don't want to be a clone!

The Song That Got Me Thinking - Back in the 80's!

My sons used to love Steve Taylor's songs, back in the late 1980s, and my entire family really enjoys his work. His song - "I Want To Be A Clone" made me think, a great deal, about how "clonish" different cultures, religions, and societies can be. Rather than think for themselves, they prefer to act like those around them. Refusing to do their own research or take responsibility for their own actions; they literally act like "clones" of those around them. You are certain to enjoy his music, all of it. Some of his work is very intense, and will cause you to reflect, as I did in this article, on what is really important in life!

On Amazon, you can get "I Want To Be A Clone" as a cassette tape, CD, or MP3 download.

This is the cassette tape version, of "I Want To Be A Clone", but it is also available on Amazon, in CD format. The song pokes fun at Christians, of which I am one, who appear to be clones, and who ignore conviction, righteousness, accountability, and godliness. Steve Taylor talks about how clones tend not to find out how to serve God on their own. The song is quite an eye-opener, especially to those who are on what I call a "Churchianity" ego trip.

Photo credits: Unless otherwise specified, all images here were photographed or created by the author - E. Tack.

© 2010 Emily Tack


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