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iWriter: Content Buyers Be Aware That You Don't Fully Own Content You Buy From iWriter

Updated on January 18, 2015

What Is iWriter

iWriter is a platform that connects people who want to order content to writers. Sounds good right? Especially since you can have cheap articles and eBooks written over there. The quality of articles can be good too, if you pay a little more for a 4-5 star writer. All this still sounds good right? Well, it does until you read their terms and conditions, particularly one part of their terms. The part that pretty much says you don't own the rights to the content you order, but you're almost free to do what you want with it.

Things You Potentially Cannot Do With Content You Buy From iWriter

1. Don't Think About Selling The Rights To Your eBook
Have you paid $100-$200+ for an eBook to be written via a writer on iWriter? Cool, and hopefully you've been selling lots of books. You may eventually sell enough and a publishing company will take notice and want to buy the rights to that book or sign a publishing contract with you, but still want the rights to sell that book. Woo, woo, woo, but you probably won't be able to! Why? Because iWriter owns the copyright to it. Weird, I know, but long story short, you will need some professional (a lawyer) advice before you think about selling the rights from that book.

2. Don't Sell Content To Those Wanting To Make A Movie From It
But what if a Hollywood producer takes notice and they want to turn your eBook into the next big thing, such as what they did with '50 Shades?' Too bad, get iWriter's permission or a good lawyer because you could face legal problems if you just go ahead and sell them the rights to your book. Heck, they might take a look at iWriter's site and when they see that they own the content, they might just go directly through them, leaving you in the dust.

3. Keep Content On A Site You're Selling
What if you have a website and someone wants to buy it and they want the content to remain? Again, too bad, technically it's not your content. It is iWriter's content, even if you did pay to have it written for you. If someone buys your website, you'll probably want to delete iWriter articles from it, even though they are penned under your own name on your website.

The possibilities are virtually endless because we didn't even discuss what if you want to put a bunch of articles together and sell them as Private Label Rights articles (PLR Articles)!

Where To Find The Info In Regards To Content Ownership

Don't believe what we say? Then go to iWriter's Content Agreement and check paragraph 7 out. It is in regards to license grant. The last sentence of this section comes right out and says the company (iWriter) retains all ownership and property rights with respect to content! This is scary and can mean so many different things!

Make sure you go over to iWriter's content agreement section and read it completely before you decide to order content from writers on the platform, because there might be more information you might be interested in knowing about.

We Have Nothing Against iWriter But

We have nothing against iWriter, but we think when you buy content from iWriter or any content platform that does what iWriter does, then you should be free to do what you want with that content, and yes that means reselling it. We're not sure why iWriter decided to put this in their clause, but maybe they have a good reason for it, but it would be nice if buyers had full rights to the content that they are purchasing from iWriter, especially many people probably assume that they do own the content that they buy, and fully own it and can sell the rights to it if they wanted to.


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