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Ice Cream Truck and I Have No Buck!

Updated on April 3, 2013

The Ice Cream Truck Plays a Chime

This ice cream truck comes around on Sunday mornings. Gotta leave some change to get my ice cream!
This ice cream truck comes around on Sunday mornings. Gotta leave some change to get my ice cream!

It is spring time and time for chimes. Yes, ice cream chimes! To complete it, ice cream truck chimes! An ice cream truck comes around on Sunday mornings, rolling slow down the neighbourhood. What do you do when you hear the truck coming? Do you close your windows? Do you ignore it and say, "I'm no kid anymore." Do you press your nose with your pillow? There’s no debate to that if you have a long nose. You can still hear the chimes, don’t tell me you can’t. Do you half peek through the curtain so that no neighbour will see you watching the truck? Do you step out in your jammies and who cares what people say? Do you feel envious of those kids with ice cream cones in their hands? You're drooling, you! Do you wish you have some change? or Do you wish the driver would slam his truck through your garage?

Are you asking me the same question? “What do I do when I hear the truck coming?” Let me tell you one position…ah, one position.

I am sitting on the toilet, palm cradling my chin and a paper on one hand, then I hear the truck chimes…tada dada da da da da, tada dada da da da. Yeah right, I’m humming it in my head and I know the chime and you’re probably just reading it by syllables. “OMG! I want a Softy ice cream, the one with a swirl, vanilla and dipped in crunchy chocolate coating!” Hurry! My nerves twitching to go. I hurried with my business, dropped the newspaper, now leaving it on the same spot for the next ‘Thinker’. I pull my jeans up; wash my hands and scampered at home like a crazy bunny in search for eggs. The truck is still chiming and I am screaming! “Where the hell can I find some change?” My dog was snoring underneath the wooden loveseat (his favourite hideout) and when he heard my yell, he got up quick as a rocket. “ICE CREAM!” he thought. Maybe he thought that too; or maybe he could have snapped my leg and pulled my jean for waking him up.

Before this nervous crazy bunny could finish counting her eggs (loose coins), guess what? It’s not even a buck anymore, a cone costs more than that. And guess what again? You got that right. “Shoots!” cried me. “I missed the truck!” “DAMN! And my eggs, I mean money, is not even enough! Fine, until next Sunday then. I’ll catch you later, alligator.”

Disappointed as I was, licking my lips with just my saliva, I went to the kitchen to cover up my craving for the missed Softy. I turned on one coil to high heat and started a kettle for hot water. This time, I am back at the dining table, sat with my butt cheeks resting on my right foot and the left leg folded up on the chair. It’s back to hubbing time! Yes, continue hubbing! Funny, I used to be too addicted with Facebook and now, I am ignoring it because I am here hubbing. I thought that I could never get away without a day of Facebooking. Just like how the old saying goes: “Facebook a day, keeps the doctors away.” Isn’t that right???

The kettle is MAD HOT!

There goes the kettle, wheeeeee-eeeeeee-eeeeeee!!! 'Coz I can’t have my cold Softy ice cream, I’ll just now opt for a hot Cadbury chocolate or Cadbury hot chocolate, whatever. “DAMN!” Second time FAIL! I turn around and see the black machine transforming. It is giving me a wacky face, tongue wagging, eyes crossed, and ears flip flopping. Is the machine teasing me for failing to have no buck for the ice cream truck? Am I seeing things? Just because I missed the Softy ice cream, I can’t be delusional? I don’t need the a-minute-ago crazy boiling hot water anymore. My hot chocolate disk is for the Tassimo. “That’s right for the Tassimo!” I repeated myself. I am conversing to my own being in the kitchen, oh no, talking to the abandoned kettle too. I am not using the hot water, so the kettle is now MAD HOT! Okay, got my hot chocolate and let me get back to my hub.

The rest of my Sunday turned out not too critical after missing the ice cream truck. If it had been critical, I will be critical the same way and I will end up at a mental institution. Thank God, that Cadbury drink gave away a smooth chocolatey taste draining down my esophagus that was craving for the creamy ice cream earlier.

It’s five in the morning. I have to be up in bed. And what time do you have there? You are still reading this hub. Where was I? Oh yes, I have to be up in bed soon, really soon, must really soon. Ahhh, I’ve heard of this before and the night before and yes the previous night before the night before, and yes, it’s an ordinary bargaining promise that has later resolutions and ends far too early in the morning. I am sounding like a parrot or probably like a broken record.

Finally, I reached my bed, cuddled underneath the warm down duvet, and I said my prayers, then fell asleep. Did I really fall asleep? The chimes! The chimes of the ice cream truck are ringing in my head! In my sleep! My legs shook underneath the sheets and I woke up hearing my voice scream...”Until next Sunday.” “See ya later, alligator!” ≈ ♥ ≈


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    • coffeegginmyrice profile imageAUTHOR

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hahaha! You made me laugh, Donna! The ice cream truck will be chiming its way here again this Sunday. I should keep aside some change so I will have my softy ice cream dipped in chocolate this time. Thanks for your comments on my hubs, I enjoy them! Cheers Donna!

    • donnaisabella profile image

      Isabella Mukanda-Shamambo 

      6 years ago from Fort Myers

      Ice cream, Ice cream! I remember so many songs from childhood and worlds away when as kids we drooled at the ice cream man and his ice cream cart because momma did not have enough to buy each one of us one. Then,I recall the ice cream truck with its chime here in my new neighborhood and my heart aches for one for my baby. I just cannot say no to them because I have to take care of the child in me. Now, you just taught me that the child in me can actually have one with my kids today. Next time it comes along, I will make sure I have enough for each one of us to have even if there may be a tub in the fridge, sometimes we buy just for fun or variety. Thanks for writing, I enjoyed your musing!

    • coffeegginmyrice profile imageAUTHOR

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      There was no trace of an ice cream truck chiming in my neighbourhood when I was a kid. We still have the "sorbetero" (a vendor) selling ice cream, ringing a bell while pushing his cart wagon street after street. Come back soon for another hub about "The Sorbetero and His Sorbetes". Thank you Audra for enjoying this hub, the vote and sharing. You just made my day! You will make me running for an ice cream now! Let's go! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Your hub reminded me of my childhood! I reall liked it! Voted up and shared!


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