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idioms... sayings understood by native speakers...part two

Updated on June 4, 2011

part two

A medium-built, conservatively dressed man about thirty entered into his office, looking at his desk, he found a set of notes with a memo that simply stated prep notes for today's planning meeting. He sat down and quickly glanced at the papers, smiling. This must be the famous Miss Johnson's work. Quick, concise, logical, without judgment or innuendo. So, she must be a just the facts kinda girl. He smiled to himself remembering last night when his cousin was confronted by this no nonsence woman. Never before had he seen his cousin so flustered as the pretty brunnette was poking him in the shoulder, giving him a piece of her mind. The best part was when the woman simply passed out, forcing the CO to catch her and lay her down on the floor. Then a beautiful blond came forward to claim the fallen girl, and things suddenly got even more interesting.

"You get your hands off my friend." Jenny, on her knees, was beside her passed out friend. "You, wolf in sheep's clothing."

The frazzled boss looked at the blond, dead in the face."What? What the hell did I do?"

Jenny narrowed her eyes. "Innocent as a lamb, eh? You pass my friend over for her promotion for eight years, and when she finally takes you on, you say that?"

Taking her hand and gently slapping Lynn on the cheek, Jenny managed to bring Lynn to a sitting position, saying, "Lynn, there is no need for someone as talented as you to put all your eggs in this one basket. Remember a leopard cannot change his spots."

The CO gasped at that. "I had no idea Miss Johnson was this type of.."

Jenny glared at the man. "Type? What? My friend only drinks once a year and it is always when you turn her down for a promotion. She is a tea totaler, you know." Looking now at her pale friend. "I only wanted to cheer her up."

The waiter appeared with a warm moist towel. She wiped Jenny's face with it. Color came back to her face. Assisting Jenny in lifting up her friend, the waiter whispered, "The bartender has already called for a taxi."

"Thankyou so much." Taking her arm and supporting it around Lynn's back with the waiter on the other side, she left these parting words at the dazed CO in front of her. "Not everyone can by lucky enough to go Ivy League schools like you. Good bye, sir." Suddenly Lynn wretched. The CO's black suit was covered with colors of orange and yellow. Jenny laughed. "Good job, Lynn. You just gave him a taste of his own medicine." Handing the man the towel, she and the waiter headed for the door.

I wonder if he is going to do what he said? Thought the new manager. He looked at the clock. He picked up the phone, finding out that Miss Johnson had been summoned to the CO's office, the manager sprung out of his seat, finding the team leader going towards the meeting room, as he headed for the elevators. "The team meeting will be pushed back about thirty minutes. Tell everyone." As the elevator door closed between him and teamleader who was wringing his hands and saying, "But... but... but..."

Lynn stood very quietly in front of the desk of the CO. The man was shuffling papers, He looked to be in his forties, light streaks of gray mixed into the black hair that gave his a wizened appearance. But looks can be decieving, thought Lynn, as she realized the CO had no chairs in his office, meaning that anyone who came in there would not be allowed to sit down, making all meetings here short and sweet. Welll, I wonder how long it takes to get a pink slip?


The door opened to the offiice. Jenny recognized the CO's personal assistant enter carrying a black suit in a dry cleaner's bag, handing him the reciept. She gulped, I wish I could remember what happened last night. I feel like a lamb being led to slaughter her.

"Thankyou, Mrs. Smith. This should not take long."

The woman gave Lynn a quick glance of sympathy and then headed for the door.

As she opened it, a man came thru the door.

"Good, Miss Johnson. You are here." He stood beside the woman in question. "I found your notes, but I need the presentation to be more concise with graphics. Could you please set up the equipment and get the information from your harddrive to make the presentation? I think you have about twenty minutes to do that."

"But, um, sir... um, "

The CO glared at his cousin. "What are you doing, Carl?"

"Miss Johnson works for me, I think."

"Well, you both work for me."

"Understood, cousin. But I wonder why you would interfere with our work, when we are working for you."

"Fine. I will make this short. Here." Handing the woman the bill for the dry cleaning. "Pay this. I will put all that happened last night under the heading of a UFO."

"UFO? Sir?"

"Yeah, something happened, not sure what it was.... but, since it is unlikely it will happen again, you are saved. Happy?"

"Um, um, sir, yes, sir."

The woman beelined it out of the office closing the door behind her. She leaned on it for a moment and caught her breath.

Mrs. Smith smiled. "Looks like you got a reprieve."

Lynn smiled, "Yeah. Oh no... I have to get the presentation ready..." as she ran towards the elevator.

"So why are going out on a limb for that girl?" The older man stared at his nails, regarding that it was time to get a manicure.

"Cousin, have you seen her work?"

"Yeah, She is very good at her job."


"And, I need her to stay in her position."


"So the screwups I am forced to put in that position by our parents are kept in check."

"Oh. And you think I am a screw up."

"I think that you are young and naive. Besides, that girl needs a backbone if she is going into management."

"A backbone? I don't think I have met anyone quite like her before."

"She is a frightened deer. For eight years I have waited for her to come and ask me why she did not get the promotion."

"And she never has?"

"Not once. She only comes dragging in the next day." He paused as he stood up and looked out the window. "She has no pride." As he thought about the why of her dragging in the office the next day after being passed by, he sighed. "Enough of this. I expect the plan for the new advertising program to be in my office after lunch. Got it?"

"Hard as nails, like always." The man smiled at his cousin. "I am sure that my plan will knock your socks off."

The man sat down at his desk and looked up. "You still here?"

"Ah, I'm going... I'm going." As he grabbed the door handle, he added, "Your bark is really worse than your bite."

"Hey, I had planned on firing that assistant of yours."

The man returned a chuckle, "So what changed your mind?"

"I don't know... something about a leopard can't change his spots?"

The manager left smiling.

to be continued.....


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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      thanks. i appreciate your comments very much, take care.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      I knew something different was coming, meow48 and here, you didn't disappoint, rather this has flow and has become for your readers that truly must read piece! Excellent story to be continued ...!