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idioms...sayings understood by native people part thirty three

Updated on June 5, 2011

Rick and Lynn made it back around the lake. Rick put the bikes up and grabbed Lyn's hand, "Come on." Climbing the stairs of the deck, they found Jenny and Carl sound asleep on the chase.

Rick put his finger to his lips and said quietly,

"Let's leave them."

Strolling thru the house, Rick looked at Lynn. She was so quiet and in such deep thought. Rick felt a little worried.

"Tell ya what, go sit on the stoop and I will get us something to drink."

He watched her leave.  Reaching inside his shirt he pulled out the envelop that held the report on Joe Wilson,  He put it on his desk in his study then headed out to the front porch.

Lynn, sitting quietly on the front steps, looked out to the lake. The sun was just sliding down to start its descent. So deep was her concentration that she jumped as Rick placed an ice cold beer on her cheek from behind. She took it as he sat down beside her.

"Your friends seem really nice." she felt very shy all of of a sudden, taking a drink.

"They are. They are the best. But, they also do not know when to quit."

"How do you mean?"

"They went after a big political fish... needless to say, they almost lost their shirts, from the lawsuits. Luckily their information proved them right, and that politician went to jail. But they lost all their investors because of the heat."

"So you helped them?"

"Of course. I am proud owner of a third of their company."

She pulled at his collar and made to look down his shirt.

"What? Why, Miss Lynn, what ever are you doing?"

"I am just trying to find the S for superman."

Rick chuckled. "Yeah, sometimes I don't know when to quit either."

"Rick, you are so talented, just go somewhere else to work."

"Ah, and leave all of this behind?" He watched the lake. "I can't. Besides, my mom did not raise a quitter."


"But nothing. I have everything I hold important right here." He glanced at Lynn. "Everything." He leaned in to kiss her and she ducked her head.

"Why does it have to include me?"

"Why not you?"

"Because, I am not nearly good enough for you."

"Shut up."


"I said, shut up!"


"Lynn, you can be so infuriating at times." He took a swig of his beer. "Just when I think I am getting close to you, you put up the stop signs."

"Hey, there are more important things right now. Jenny... Charlie... Carl...and now, Dejuan...Deshaun..." she paused, "You. I don't think we should get into a relationship right now."

"Ah, excuses."

"Excuses?" she glared at him. "We are dealing with people's lives here. As far as I can tell, the Matthews don't take prisoners."


"Rick...try to understand."

"What is there to understand?"

Lynn looked at her hands. "I I I don't know what to do. I feel useless. I don't know how to help anybody. I cannot help Jenny, and now, you... " She paused wringing her hands. "I don't seem to be able to do anything for my important people. Not Charlie, not anyone."

Rick said, "Just how clueless are you?" He paused, "Or is it you have given so much to everyone else, you don't know how to get anything for yourself."


"You heard me." He knew he should let it alone, but, "You. You have given Charlie, what four years of your life. Your friend, Jenny, since middle school? Hell, you have given Carl what two weeks? I don't ask for much, Lynn. Just your time and your presence."

"Maybe that is too much for me to give..." she whispered. She stood up quickly, As she turned, he watched her run into the house and slam the door.

Jenny came out of the bathroom and saw Lynn crying, heading into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Well, I'll be. She back tracked to the front door and watched Rick chug his beer, slamming it down beside him. Ah, that's it. She walked out to the front porch and sat down beside Rick.

"Trouble in paradise?"

"No. Everything is just peachy."

"I can tell." She contemplated her bruised knuckles and made a fist. "Nothing is broken, see?" As she showed Rick, she added, "I have known that girl for a long time, Rick."


"And, she is worth it. Just be patient. She will understand." Jenny sat down on the stoop.

"Understand what?"

"That you need each other."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Simple really. Lynn decided she would have to live her life alone for her mother's sake, and then for Charlie's sake. You are making her challenge that decision." She grabbed the opened beer beside him. "I take it, this was Lynn's."


"Cool, no need for it to go to waste." and she chugged it down.


Carl headed into the house in search of Jenny and the bathroom, as he pulled open the door he was surprised by a red-eyed Lynn.

"What seems to be the problem, Lynn?"

"Shut up." as she headed back to the bedroom.

"Wow." he said under his breath, hearing the door slamming behind her.

Jenny got up and brushed the back of her skirt off. Carl came out and saw her. She smiled when she saw him, she reached up patting him on his chest.

"See what you can do with him." She paused, "Lynn and I are going to make dinner. You two stay out here."

"Ah, so, like what happened, cuz?" As Carl sat down beside Rick who was glaring at nothing.

"She is just so irritating."


"Who else do you think I am talking about. Lynn."

"Yeah, she is. Loyal to a fault, never taking anything from anyone. Never thinking about herself. She works herself to death, and always tries to make everyone else happy. Yup, that is really a problem."

"Jeez, now you are making me out to be a selfish SOB."

"No. Just a man."


"But since we know what she is like... why are you surprised? What exactly did she say to you?"

"She wants me to quit."


"I told her i wouldn't."


"Something about how all her important people need help right now."

"And were you mentioned?"

"Yeah... she did mention me."


"And she felt useless... that she could not help anyone."

"Ah, does that sound like her?"

"I.. am not.. What the hell are you trying to say, Carl?"

"Simple. She is worried to death about you right now, and figures if she is not around you, maybe you will quit."

"You really think that is it?"

"Well, she just told her boss to shut up. If that is what she is thinking, maybe, getting fired is what she thinks will help you."

"God, that is crazy logic."

"Crazy as it is, remember she has no experience when it comes to dealing with men, save Charlie and since he is like a kid, she really has a warped sense of what we are about."

"Wow." He looked at his empty beer bottle. "So, how come you got so smart suddenly?"

"Hey, Cuz. I have always been intelligent. You just haven't noticed. And I could be all wrong. It is just an educated guess."



"Lynn, come quick. I need you." yelled Jenny, who laughed as the brunnette came running in to the kitchen like the house was on fire.

"What? Jenny, are you okay?"

"Yup." She grinned.


"Hey, we gotta earn our keep. Supper is on us."


"And I am one of the walking wounded." Holding up her right bruised hand.

"Do you think it is broken?" Lynn asked concerned.

"Don't know. I can't get this thing opened." As she held open a box that contained a TV dinner.

"Um, that is for supper?"

"Well with this hand, I just don't know what else i can manage to do."

"Jenny, go... Just go and watch some TV. I can get supper on."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Go sit. I have got this."

"I knew I could count on you." Jenny gave her her cheesiest smile and patted her on her head with her right hand. "You are a brick." and headed out to the living room, turning on the sports channel for a basketball game. Kicking back, she lay on the couch. Glancing at the clock above the TV, listening to the sounds of a can opener in the kitchen.

"Hey, Lynn?"

"Yes, Jenny."  The girl emerged from the kitchen.

"Could you bring me something to drink?"

"What would you like?"

"um, maybe a beer?"

"Sure thing. Be back in a jiffy."

Lynn came right back.

"Oh, Lynn, I am sorry. I think I should have something warm to drink. Can you make me some tea?"

"Ah, um, sure."

As she turned to leave taking the beer, Jenny smiled watching her get as far as the kitchen, "Oh, hey, bring that beer back. I might want to drink it later."

Lynn handed it back to her friend.

"So you think a meatloaf would be okay?"

"Yes. Just like the one your mom made every Sunday... you know with those special roasted potatoes and carrots... Oh, and those biscuits she made from scratch?"

"Ah, er, I don't know if we have all the ingredients for that."

Jenny placed her best pout on.

"Oh, all right. I will see what I can do."

"That's the ticket."

Jenny smiled at she listened to the opening and closing of cabinet doors in the kitchen. Five, four, three, two one, she counted off in her head, "Lynn?"

"Yes, " calling from the kitchen.

"Um, could you come here?"

"Ah, sure." Lynn showed up in the living room, slightly flushed from her search in the kitchen.

"I am kinda cold. Could you turn up the thermostat for me?"

"Um, Jenny, I don't know where that is."

Jenny shivered just a little. "Must be the shock of everything today." she paused, "Could you please just put that throw on me?" as she pointed to the throw.

Lynn looked at the throw that was on the back of the couch, only two inches away from that hand.

"Sure, anything else?"

"Um, no." Jenny paused to take a deep breath and not smile, "Nothing I can think of right now... except how is that tea coming?"

"Uh, I will be back in a jiffy." As she placed the throw over Jenny, returning to the kitchen again, she caught her breath. What is going on? Lynn thought, as she poured the hot water. Jenny has never been this needy. Must be all the stress from today, and afterall, her hand is hurt... but she patted my head with it... frowning as she put the tea bag in the cup. Taking the cup, a spoon, and the bowl of sugar, she grabbed a towel to act as a coaster and headed back into the living room. Lynn placed the towel onto the coffee table and put the tea down with the sugar beside it.

"Two spoonfuls, please."

Lynn looked at her.

"What?" Jenny asked as innocently as she could.

"Um, two?" was all Lynn could think of saying. She placed it in the cup and stirred it.

"Thank you so much, Lynn. You take such good care of me."

Lynn returned a grateful smle. "Jenny, just relax. I am going to get supper on.. okay?"

"Fine." As she got up to take a sip of her tea. "Ach... too hot. Lynn?"

Lynn had just got to the entryway... she turned.

"Yes?" a little tense sounding.

"I think I could use an ice cube. Could you bring me one?"

Just then the guys entered the house, and watched Lynn plaster a smile on her face, clenching her fists.

"Sure, no problem."

Rick arched an eyebrow. Sounds like it is a problem...

"Guys, come in. Lynn is going to make her mother's special meatloaf for supper. It is just to die for..." Jenny stated dramatically, glancing at Lynn. "Um, ice cube?"

Lynn turned and went into the kitchen.. Sounds of an ice tray crashing onto the counter could be heard over the basketball game on the TV.

Carl leaned over and whispered, "What is going on?"

"Lynn needs to be needed, right?" Jenny said with an evil smile.

"Here." Lynn had returned and plopped the ice cube into the cup, she turned on her heel and almost ran back into the kitchen.

Rick leaned over and quietly said, "You think this is going to make her feel better?"

"No. That is not the plan, my little sister has to get angry to say what she wants. It is her nature. I think it is time we get her to understand there is another way."

Rick frowned as he heard some pans banging against the counter top.

"Jenny, I am not sure..."

"Watch and learn."

"Rick? Could you help Lynn? I need Carl here to keep me company." She stated as loudly as she could, only to hear some more crashing and clanking in the kitchen.

Rick got up timidly

to be continued..


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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      you are so kind to read this, i am now heading to the fear and trembling chapters... it is gonna be hard

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      Interesting blend of Psychology, mixed with Computer Programming, Criminology and good old ingenuity to tie it all together. Yes all the ingredients needed to create a well written and thoroughly enjoyable series, Jean.

      I liked the inclusion of the twin detectives and the relationship they have with Rick! This gets better all the time. I wonder if they are acquainted with Jenny's legal eagle? Just a query I was pondering!

      I believe the Matthews Clan are not to be so easy a foe as your readers are hoping for, Jean! This Plot as they say "Thickens"! Another winner here, Jean! Voting ^ for sure! Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D