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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part forty

Updated on June 6, 2011

By the time Lynn had gotten out of her very cold shower, the others had left. Jenny told her to wait for her to come and take her to work. She got Charlie dressed and reinforced the behavior rules for work. Charlie was so full of excitement, that Lynn could not bring herself to think about what Rick had told her. She set her jaw. Squared her shoulders, and then, told herself that this was her home. To find other work she would have to leave town. The only place here was the Matthews Toy Factory... and all she could do was place her faith in Rick, Carl and the man upstairs to make all this right somehow. She and Carl waited outside for Jenny. A black limousine pulled up and there getting out of the car was none other than the Chairman.


A man in a long gray tailored coat stood at a public phone booth. He sighed, wondering to himself, just how more of a mess could this become. Dialing the number quickly after depositing his fifty cents, he waited. Hearing "Hello." on the other end, he stated. "It's me. I am calling from a public phone. I found the lost payment, but not in time. It is in the hand's of the state police. Since it was obviously our fault, I think we should provide the merchandise free of charge. After all, this kind of business depends on trust. There is nothing else to say. Except that I will continue to do damage control, and that I want my merchandise ready by next week. I am tired of waiting for what you promised. I am hanging up."

John stood outside the FBI building staring at his now dead cell.

"Well, doesn't that make the cheese more binding." John Matthews stated out loud to no one in particular. He glanced around noting the people and chose to head over to the park. As he neared the Vietnam war memorial, he smiled. "Isn't this fitting?" as he leaned against the black marble and pulled out his cell.

"A.J., it's me, John."

"I know about the staff meeting tomorrow. I will be there. Tell the Chairman, we need to honor Mr.Phan's order. He should have the specs. I will explain about the payment later."


Jenny laughed at the two men heading to their cars. The two men were wearing Charlie's pants. Unfortunately, Charlie was only six foot. Rick, being all of six foot three and Carl, at six foot four, they both looked like they were wearing high water pants. She grinned to herself as she headed back to Lynn's house when her cell phone rang.

"Jenny, hurry. The Chairman is here." The phone went dead.

What? Jenny sped up as she dialed Carl. She glanced in her rear view mirror to find a set of flashing lights coming right behind her. Damn it. Carl answered as Jenny hit her flashers and slowed down. "Listen the Chairman is at Lynn's house and I just got caught for speeding. I need the cavalry."

Carl hit Rick's number explaining everything as he turned left to head back towards Lynn's house. He saw Jenny standing outside of the car. The Officer moved his hand to indicate she should put her hands on top of the car. Carl screeched to a halt, almost hitting the police car. He jumped out of his car, yelling, "What is the meaning of this?"

The Officer stopped frisking Jenny and looked at a strange sandy haired man, in a blue polo shirt with almost knee high khaki pants, coming towards them and pulled his gun.

Carl put up both hands, "Look, I am Carl Matthews and that girl you have your hands on is my fiancé."

"Prove it."

"Sure, I am going to reach in my pocket for my wallet." Then realized it was in the car with his suit he wore last night.

"Look. I have it. I will get it out of my car."

The Officer stated, "Don't move." and requested back up. He handcuffed Jenny to her car. Then approached Carl, escorting him back to his SUV. Carl produced his ID.

"What did my fiancé do?"

"She was speeding and missed a school zone, Mr. Matthews." The officer gulped as he noted the name on the ID, and then noted the official work ID from the Matthews Toy Company.

"Ah, I am sorry. She was on an errand for me."

"I don't understand. I was following orders."


"Yes. I was to detain a blond in a red Honda. The whole day shift were told to do this."

"By who?"

"Mr. Matthews, do I really need to explain this to you?"

"Ah, that blond. Well, see you guys need to find a platinum blond. You know, a dyed blond. And she is old, at least sixty or so. Not this blond and not this car. Can you take care of that? I don't want my fiancé harassed again."

"I am sorry. I guess I can forgive the excessive speed, but she did not slow down in the school zone."

"Fine, How about you just give her a ticket then and let her go. Why did you feel the need to frisk her?"

"Well, Mr. Matthews. All I can say is that you have good taste."

Carl arched an eyebrow and noted the Officer's name.... just to keep in mind when all this was over.

" You can send me the ticket." Handing him one of his business cards, he looked over at Jenny who was about to tear off the mirror of her car.

"My fiancé has a fiery temper. I suggest you let me uncuff her, Officer. Oh, and hadn't you better cancel that back up?"

The Officer actually laughed. "That was just a ruse, Mr. Matthews. If you did not have proof of who you were, I would have just put a bullet in the back of your head. We can't have just anyone claim to be a Matthews, now can we?"

"No. I guess not." as the Officer handed him the key, Carl went over to Jenny who was red with embarrassment and anger. Carl gently reached for access to the keyhole on her cuffs. He whispered, "Right now, listen to me. I beg you as if I was on my hands and knees, I will get this SOB, okay? But you have got to calm down. I need you to act as if you were Lynn in this situation. It is not the time to be the brave and valiant Jenny. Promise me?"

Jenny looked at him with elephant size tears in her eyes. "Did you not see what that man tried to do to me?"

"Honey, I know... I know. Please."

"Is there a problem, Mr. Matthews?"

"No. I am just a little clumsy at this... that's all."

"Jenny?" Carl whispered his eyes pleading with her.

"Fine. But I expect a basketball rematch outta this."

Carl chuckled quietly. "Sure thing, Jen. Just react like Lynn okay?"

"Carl, don't you remember how Lynn acts when an injustice happens?"

"Shit." As the cuffs fell away, Carl grabbed her into a bear hug. "Don't poke him in the shoulder. He has a gun, and he is stupid enough to use it."

Tears fell onto Carl's chest as Jenny started to sob. "Damn it." she whispered. "The counselor said my emotions would be out of control." Carl placed his hand onto the back of her head to stroke her hair.

"It's okay. Jen. It will be all right. I don't know how, but I will make this alright."

Jen pulled away sniffling, "I have got to get to Lynn."

"It's okay. Rick is already there."


Charlie stood by his sister when the big black long car parked in front of their tiny house. The neighbors all started to look out their windows. Some had even come out of their homes and were hanging about on the sidewalks. Lynn hung up the phone quickly when she saw the Chairman get out of his car.

She whispered, "Charlie, remember that time when the bullies hurt you?"

"Yes. Li Li. Li Li was strong and you and Jenny saved me."

"I need you to stay with me, now. You don't have to do anything. Just stay with me. No matter what, okay?"

"I will stay with you, Li Li. Wick tells me when he isn't here, Charlie needs to protect Li LI."

"Charlie, you can protect me by not letting go of my hand. Can you do it?"


The Chairman was standing in front of the two siblings.

"My, My, My... what do we have here? Is it Miss Johnson and her brother... I think your name is Charlie?"

"I don't know you." Charlie said, hanging onto Lynn's hand so tightly that she thought her fingers would break.

"Oh, you can call me the Chairman."

"That is a stupid name. Cherry man?"

"No, you can say it, CHAIRMAN.."

"My brother is a little confused, sir, as I am. Why would you come to an employee's house so early in the morning? We are leaving to go to work and you are delaying us."

"Ah, well, well, well. I certainly like a girl who comes straight to the point."

"Sir, working for the company, I understand that time is money. And I am waiting to hear your answer."

The Chairman reached out for Lynn's available hand and grabbed it, putting it between his hands.

"I came to offer you a ride to work. It is my understanding that you either walk or take a bus everyday."

"We are waiting for a ride, sir, so you can go on about your business." Lynn pulled back to get away from the man but he pressed a little tighter.

Charlie noticed her sister trying to get her hand back.

"It looks like you have been stood up, if you were waiting on your friend with that little red Honda." He paused. "Don't you think that is odd? Shouldn't one buy American made cars?"  The man stepped closer to Lynn, still holding her hand tightly.

"What?" Lynn asked. "I know you are my boss, sir. But I will go to human resources to file a complaint if you don't let go of my hand."

Suddenly Charlie grabbed Li Li's arm and pulled so hard that she went flying backwards and the Chairman fell forward towards Charlie, who moved out of the way. Charlie went to Lynn and helped her up to a sitting position. The Chairman started to laugh.

He stood back up, brushing the knees of his pants, and said, "Ah, Miss Johnson, that was just too easy. Now we will have to arrest your brother for assault. Won't we?"

"I don't think so." Rick knelt down beside Charlie and Lynn. Charlie started to cry when he saw Lynn's skinned hand from hitting the sidewalk.

"Wick. He wouldn't let go of Li Li. Charlie tried to help, but Li Li got hurt."

"Lynn? Are you okay?"

She looked at her brother and gave him a hug. "Charlie, I am okay. I really am. This is just a scratch, okay?" She hugged him tighter. "I am proud of my Charlie. He helped me."

Rick stood up. "You know, Dad. It really would be bad PR for a man in your situation to have someone like Charlie here arrested, just because you grabbed his sister's hand and would not let go... now wouldn't it? See, I saw the whole thing. Charlie did not hit you. He just helped his sister. If there is anything else, I suggest you send it in a memo."

Rick helped Lynn up. "We have to go to my house so I can get changed. Okay?"

Lynn nodded and Charlie held onto her helping her get into Rick's car.

"You are playing a dangerous game, son."

"No more than you are, father."

"I can't wait to hear your presentation tomorrow at the board meeting. It should at least be entertaining to see the great Rick Richardson fall flat on his face."

"Well, I guess you already showed me how to do that, right?"

 Lynn sat in the front seat, Charlie left her and went to Rick as he stood watching his father climb in the limo.  Rick did not move until the car was out of sight.  Charlie stood quietly by him.

"Wick?  Who is Cherry man?"


"Cherry man."

"Oh, you mean the Chair Man.

"Ah, so it is the Chair Man?"

"Yeah, you can call him that."

"Who is he?"

Rick sighed.  "He is my father."

"He is your papa?"

"Sort of.  But thank you for taking care of your sister."  Rick turned and held his hand out towards Charlie. 

Charlie looked at it and held his hand out towards Rick.  Rick shook it.  "I mean it, Charlie.  Thankyou.  I am sorry that I wasn't here."

"Oh, Wick?"

"What, buddy?"

"I need my Teddy bear for Li Li.  Is Jenny done with it?"

"Yeah.  It is still at my house, maybe.  We will look for it there, Okay?  Or do you want to go in and find it."

Charlie looked perplexed.  "God will let Charlie find it.  Let's go to your house."

Charlie stepped back and looked at Rick with his red polo shirt and blue jeans on.  "Wick, you look funny in those pants."

Rick sighed and glanced towards heaven.  "Come on, you.  Daylight is burning and we gotta go."

"Daylight?  Burning?"  Charlie looked up at the sky.

"Nevermind, Charlie.  Lynn is probably pretty lonely right now.  Let's go."

Charlie ran to the car and climbed in the back seat.

"Li Li?  Does it hurt much?"

Rick sat in the driver's seat.  He gently took Lynn's hand and kissed her roughened palm. 

"There.  That should make it feel better."

"Does it, Li Li?"

"Yeah.  Charlie, it does."  Lynn offered quietly as she looked out the window watching the familiar streets go by.  The man had threatened her Charlie.  What the hell was she supposed to do with that?

to be continued.

P.S.  I get my photos off of deviantart... since i don't understand the copyright laws about images, i will stop using them from now on until  i get a better understanding.  thankyou for your patience.  also for the record, I do not make any money off of what I write here.  I don't get how you do that either, nor, would I ever assume that anything I write would make money.  thankyou for your kindness in reading this story...



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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      i hope i don't disappoint. this is going to be hard in the next coming chapters. really hard.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      You have my undivided attention as I am following this series. The plot, these characters and the unpredictability in the story makes it an entertaining and enjoyable read!

      Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!

      Regards Mike! (Aka Professor M!)

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      thank you, i am having a terrible time at work and i am grateful to you for writing such kind comments, i will check those sites out on monday, gotta get thru the weekend first.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      This interaction with the Chairman and Charlie was choice and added a new dynamic in the Matthews family added to the overall polarity for your readers.

      Having highlighted the white sheep in Carl and Rick, you have really underscored the lines of Family Manipulation, Influence and Snobbery that we find in their respective sires. Well done and Have Voted this up, Jean!

      BTW! Wikimedia and Morgue File have Public Domain and GNU

      free use images and photos which you should check out!

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D


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