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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part eighty four

Updated on July 12, 2011

Dejuan finally made it through the thick of the storm that seemed to escalate as he left the mansion, hoping his brother would have been able to retrieve the shortwave he left behind the vase. He hurriedly entered into the back of the van, dripping wet, and threw his earphones on in time to hear Deshaun say, "Gentlemen, I suggest that you stand over there."

He held his breath, as the thunder seemed to be rolling away and becoming more distant. What happened to have made his brother so bold?


Carl heard the faint keening howl of Charlie after the thunder shook the house. He knew he was close by. His Uncles heard it too.

"What in God's name is that?"

"That is Charlie. He gets scared when it thunders. The noise hurts his ears." Hoping he could play the truth as long as possible without incriminating himself.

"Gotta blame Chris for this. He is the one who bought that pizza for the boy. It only is reasonable that he would have removed his gag for the boy to eat."

His Uncles did a collective head shake.

"So, Chris has gotten that attached to the boy."

"Yes. He has found another pet. What can I say? Christopher is just to weird."

"That is the pot that called the kettle black." A.J. muttered into his drink.

John glared at him.

"Pull it in, John." Martin interjected. "We have come to know and appreciate your peculiarities. Haven't we, A.J.?"

"Yes." The man added in response. "Except why would you kill Sara? That would only make my situation worse."

Carl closed his eyes for a second. The wire was gone, now it would be only his word against theirs.

"I told you I would handle it. I suggest we table this discussion. I mean, really, just how much revelation do you think Carl can take in one night."

Carl took a deep breath.

"Just one more question.... How is it.... How is it that ... you are all twisted like this?" He paused and realized he made a mistake.

John narrowed his eyes.

"Carl, we are cut from the same cloth. Do you think that A.J. just decided to beat your mother one day?"

Carl looked at them. "Grandfather?"

"Stop this. He had to be hard on us. He was a great man."

"A great man who made mother go through ten pregnancies, with the last killing her."

Carl looked at his Uncles. He never knew his grandmother and no one ever talked about her.

"I don't understand."

"Father believed the woman's place was to have children. He did not care about mother in the least. It was to prove his ability as a man." Martin stated.


"He also believed that children were to be seen and not heard." Added A.J.

"And compromise does not exist." stated John.


"Charlie, are you okay?" Chris sat down beside the boy and looked at him. Charlie dazed, took a deep breath as the pain in his ears that the thunder had caused eased up. He looked around the room...wondering why one of the four men was lying on the ground. Then he spied Rick.

"Wick? Is Wick okay?"

Deshaun took a deep breath, any closer to those three and he would be in a fight. They would soon figure out that he wouldn't want to shoot them due to the noise...

"Charlie, go over and see if Rick is okay, and try to untie him." He ordered.


"Deshaun." the man added helpfully fot the boy really could not tell the difference between him and his brother. "And I need you to help Rick. Can you do that?"

Charlie nodded. He crawled over to Rick. Deshaun took note of Rick's chest rise as Charlie turned him off his stomach to his side. Charlie saw the ropes and started to try to untie them.

"You, Baldy. Go help him." Deshaun did not take his eyes off the other three, and waved the gun quickly at Christopher to make his point of who was in control.

"His name is Chwis, Deshaun." Charlie kept tugging at the ropes. Chris went over to help him much to the surprise of the three body guards...Deshaun arched an eyebrow.

"Are you Aaron Christopher Matthews?"

The man nodded and kept untying Rick who moaned at the stimulation and seemed to be waking up.

Deshaun could only surmise that this one might have had a change of heart. But the time of surprise had gone and now the three guards that were left would attempt to jump him if they were worth their salt at all. So he did the only thing he could think of as the two finally untied Rick.

"All right, Charlie, can you pick up Rick?"

Charlie nodded, but did not know how. Chris made him squat down and he positioned Rick on the boy's back, setting Rick to be carried out piggy back style.

As Chris stood up, he felt the cold end of the barrel of a gun on his temple, as Deshaun turned Chris to face the three standing guards.

"We will play nice, Gentlemen. My friends and I will walk out of here, with Mr. Matthews. You will stay where you are and count to one hundred. As we clear this place, Mr. Matthews will be let go. But if you move," He took off the radio and placed it close by. "My partner will know and signal me." Holding up his cell phone to show there was a way to communicate, although the battery was dead, they would not know that. " And you will be left with a dead Matthews on your hands. Understand?"

Charlie looked at Deshaun, who gave Charlie a grave stare that to others would have meant, please be quiet.

Confused, Charlie stated, "But..."

"But nothing, Charlie. We have to get Rick to a doctor or he might die. Understand?"

Charlie nodded and focused on that only. Deshaun backed to the doorway, and went out with Chris, as he put the gun into his side, whispering.

"I don't know what side you are on. I don't care. Believe me when I say, you will die, if you try to call out for help or warn anybody." He walked quickly to the foyer with Charlie tailing him.


Dejuan moved the van closer. As he saw the men clear the gate, he pulled up in front of the house and helped with Rick.

Deshaun looked at Christopher.

"Thankyou for your cooperation."

Dejuan handed him a rope and a bandana.

Deshaun took the rope and tied up Christopher's hands while Dejuan tied his feet.

"We have to make this look good. If not, your brothers will think that you helped us."

Christopher nodded. Deshaun pulled back and hit him in the face. As the man went down, Dejuan placed the bandana in his mouth and drug him to the corner of the gate out of harm's way from vehicles.

He leaned down and whispered. "Stay here. They will find you soon enough."


"One hundred." finished one of the guards as they ran out of the room and found nothing but empty.

"Okay, who is going to tell the boss?" The other two looked at each other...

"Tell me what?" stated John as the meeting in the study was coming to a close and the Uncles with Carl were heading to bed.

"They escaped, holding Master Christopher as hostage."

"What?" Martin asked.

John walked over.

"They have got Chris?"

"Yeah. They threatened to kill him if we did not cooperate."

John took in a deep breath.

"God, I am so stupid." That tall black man was the same one that helped Jenny. He was in the house... Damn it.

"Go find Christopher now."


"Where do you suggest we go?"

"Well, we can't go home. I am calling Scott to tell him to get out of there."

"So a motel?"

"No, go to Lansing Memorial. Rick really doesn't look that good. I hope Carl did not do any real damage."

"Amatuers." muttered Deshaun, as he kept driving.

Charlie sat in the van, watching Dejuan taking care of Rick.

"Chwis was Charlie's friend. Why did Deshaun hit him?"

Dejuan turned and looked at the innocent child like face.

"Charlie, I know this is hard to understand. But if we did not hit him, his brothers would have."

"So, Deshaun hit him to keep him from ...."

"Getting hurt more." Dejuan answered hoping the boy would understand.

Charlie nodded. "Charlie went with Chwis to help him from getting into trouble. Instead, Charlie got huwt." Holding up his arms, showing the burn marks of the ropes, to Dejuan. Dejuan looked through the first aid kit and found the burn cream.

"Charlie, hold still, this might sting, but then it will feel better." As he applied it, he said, "Charlie, you did a very brave thing for your friend... but... don't do anything like that again without telling someone. We don't want you hurt like that again. It took Rick, Deshaun and me to get you out, with Carl still stuck there. Do you understand.?"

Charlie nodded. "Charlie is sowwy."

"It is okay. Just learn from this."


John pulled up Chris's jaw to inspect his bruised face. Chris was sitting in a chair surrounded by his brothers. Carl stood against the wall of the study, trying to figure out the interaction and relationships of his uncles. What turned them into these warped beings? What made it so different for him? Then he remembered what Jenny had told him, when he stated the victims of abuse will be abusers...

"You are right that is what the statistics say, but I don't believe in statistics. I believe in choices."

He caught his breath at seeing what his Uncles had become... but they still seemed a little more human as they tended to Chris.

John felt a vibration in his chest as he handed an ice bag to Chris for his blackening eye.

"Now what?"

"As this is interesting...."

"What is it?" Martin asked.

"Well, it looks like we have to go visit a cemetary in the morning." Closing his cell, he sighed. Glad that his inside man was still under his control.

to be continued.........


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      yeah, that kinda floored me too, maybe it is a cultural thing? but thank you so much in your support. take care.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      @meow48: Glad to see someone else has beaten me for the top spot on this chapter, Jean! These cliffhangers are beginning to become your specialty, in this series, my friend!

      The characters of Chris and Charlie are really showing well in their portrayal, which makes this a fantastic read. The rest are all interacting beautifully, Jean! I voted this Up and all the buttons except funny!

      Regards Mike!(Aka Professor M!) ;D

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      glad that you liked this... take care.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      amusing and funny, I will certainly read the second part.


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