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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part five

Updated on June 6, 2011

 Rick stood in front of the closed elevator door, stunned.  His arms at his side became stiff as two fists formed.  It would be a New York minute for the elevator to hit the ground floor, he grabbed his phone and waited.  Make no bones about it, that cousin of mine is more of a screw up than the last...

"Rick!!!!"  An older gentleman with more salt than pepper hair came up behind the CO, who jumped and dropped his cell.  "You look tense.  I hope I did not startle you.  Carl left me a message that today's presentation would blow our socks off."

Bending down, picking up his cell, he quickly texted his cousin as he replied to his dad, the current chairman of the board, "Yes, Dad.  I am sure you will be surprised." 


Carl hopped into his SUV as he felt a familiar vibration in his breast pocket.  He took out his cell and read the message from his cousin.  Arching an eyebrow, he hit the off button and dropped his phone in the glove compartment as he set the GPS system with the address.


Lynn, dressed in her old purple sweatsuit with her hair pulled back into a high ponytail, placed the blueberry pancakes on the table.  She heard the cowbell jingle as Charlie emerged, rubbing his eyes and yawning heading for the bathroom.

"Don't forget to wash your face and hands, Charlie.  Breakfast is ready."

Charlie turned and grinned.  "Pamcakes?"

"Yup.  So get er done.  Okay?"

The boy ran towards the bathroom.

God is gweat, God is good.

Let us tank him for our food.


Charlie grabbed his fork and went to town.

Lynn smiled as she sipped on her coffee.  Yeah, taking a day off every now and then....

A frantic knocking came to the door.

Charlie dropped his fork, jumped up and ran to the door.  He opened it, yelling "Gwammy."  with his mouth full of pancake.

Lynn was right behind him,  Ready to explain you should not just open the door... when she looked up and saw the surprised look on her manager's face as he stood there, looking at Charlie, still dressed in his spongebob jammies, with an equally surprised look.

Lynn pulled on Charlie's arm and whispered, "Go eat.  I will take care of this."

Carl, quick on his feet, entered into the Johnson's household and reached out, grabbing Charlie's somewhat sticky hand, and shook it.

"Hi, I'm Carl."

Charlie stunned, mumbled out after he swallowed, "Hi, I'm Charlie."

Lynn narrowed her eyes trying to figure out what was going on... "Charlie, this is my boss, Mr. Matthews."

"But he said his name is Carl."

"Um, Charlie, why don't you go eat while Carl and I talk for a minute."

"Okay."  He slowly headed to the table, then turned around.  "Hey, Carl, do you like Leggos?"

Carl did not blink an eye.  "Sure."

"Cooooooollllll.  We can play after you guys talk."  and went happily to the table to eat.

Lynn with her arms crossed glared at her boss.  "Don't lie to him.  I won't have that."

"I am not lying."  He came up close to Lynn's face and then placed his hand on her forehead.  "Besides, you don't look sick.  Are you lying about calling in sick?"

Jenny squared her shoulders.  "I took a personal day.  I am allowed three a year.  Since I have not taken any for a long time, I could take up to 21 days if I so choose to.  Now, TELL ME WHY YOU ARE HERE?" she hissed.

"I need you to come to work right a way."

"I can't."

"Why not?"


"Because why?"

Lynn gave a heavy sigh.  "Look, I don't have anyone who can watch my brother.  I am responsible for him.  My sitter had to take the day off."

"Oh, well, is that all?"

"Is.. is... that all?"  Lynn glared at the man.

Carl recognized that look from when she kept poking Rick's shoulder to emphasize what she was saying.

"Hold on before you hit me, all right?"  He glanced at the man who was wolfing down his pancakes.  "I see that your brother has some issues.  But I need you to come to the office and do the presentation for the board of directors."

"What?"  She gulped.  "Isn't that why you are the manager??"

"Well, ya see, Rick found out the proposal was your idea and he wanted to make sure the one who came up with it, would present it."


"So where is that cousin of yours?"

"He had a few errands to run before the presentation."

The older man paused. "Good. We have to go talk. NOW."

Rick shook his head. It is isn't one thing, it is another. I wonder what the old man has in store for me now.

"If it is that serious, let's go up to the office."


"Tell you what. Go get dressed and I will entertain Charlie for a while." He pulled out a big white box from behind his back. "Wear this."

"Wear this? I told you I am taking a personal day."

"Take it tomorrow. I will take care of Charlie, Scout's honor."

"Like I would believe you were ever a scout."

He held up the salute, "BoyScout troop 3002 at your service." Then turned her toward the two doors that seemed to not have a cowbell. "Now go. We don't have much time."

"So how do you like those pancakes, Charlie?" Sitting down across from Lynn's brother. He crossed his elbows and put his head on his wrists and grinned at the boy.

Lynn sighed. She went into her bedroom, grabbed a few necessities and then headed for the bathroom. "I should be ready in about thirty minutes."

"Make it twenty, okay. We still have to go over a few things." Then he ignored the glare of hatred he was receiving and smiled again. "We have to get you ready too."


"Yup. We are going on an adventure."


"Yup." An adventure to save my job... thought Carl. As he cleared the table, he heard the shower turn off. Lynn came out of the bathroom. Carl looked like a deer caught in headlights

Charlie, on the other hand, giggled with glee. "LiLi, you look like a flower."

to be continued.


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