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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part forty five

Updated on June 6, 2011

Nurse Stacy was busy the entire day. Her orientation was swift. Her preceptor on the other hand kept intervening when ever a patient asked about prognosis of their disease or complications related to it. Some of the complications did not add up, though. As in Miguel's case, the only reason for a defective kidney to be removed would be for cancer or perhaps adrenal masses. At least that is what they said in nursing school, the new grad stood at the desk.


"yeah, Stacy."

"Why don't we answer questions the patient asks?"

"Stacy, how long have you been a nurse?"

"All of three months."

"And it took you this long to find a job?"

"Well, yes. I mean the market is inundated with nurses right now. Just to get on the list for clinicals took me three semesters."

"So you went to a four year BSN and it took you almost five years?"

"Yes. so I got a minor  in Biology."

"Oh. Well, not that I am trying to tell you your business, but this is a private charitable institution. Our doctors donate their time here. They don't get any pay. So, we don't question them, ever. You need to know that doctors are mostly about getting paid for services rendered.  Our doctors donate their time.   It is best that you don't make waves."

Stacy nodded and sat down at the computer. She hit a few buttons but kept being told "You do not have privileges for this information."

"Annie, how do I get to the progress notes or the history and physical, maybe I can get some answers if I can access them."

Annie rolled her eyes. "Stacy, you get paid better than average right?"

"Sure, but..."

"But nothing. You will learn soon enough that they don't pay us to think."

"But how can we justify our care to the patients, if we don't know what the doctor is planning?"

"My naive new hire.... our patients are in a charitable institution. They do not pay a dime. Why do we have to justify anything?"

Stacy rested her hands in her lap. This was not right. She saw Dr. Burnet walk by the station.

"Um, Dr. Burnet?"


"Um, Hi my name is Stacy..and..."

He looked at Annie who rolled her eyes.

"Ah, you must be new here. Welcome to the Phoenix."

"Um, well, thank you."

"My, you are a young one aren't you?" He smiled at Annie. "I take it that Annie here is showing you the ropes?"

"Er, well yes, but I"

"Keep up the good work, I have to go see..." He looked down at his memo pad, "Mr. Miguel Rodriguez. I have some bad news for him. Now if you will excuse me?"
Annie crossed her arms and gave Stacy a wicked smile as Dr. Burnet walked away to Miguel's room.


Rick sat in his car waiting for Lynn and Charlie to arrive from the ware house. He text-ed Mrs. Smith. I would appreciate it if you would keep tabs on your boss and let me know his itinerary. The sharks seem to circling. thanks.

He pulled out his laptop and started working on his presentation. He smiled as he punched the numbers in... wondering if this bizarre competition could end tomorrow. He heard a beep on his cell and pulled it out.

"Will do. SOB is out of his office today. Plans to be here for the board meeting only and then will be out all day. Thursday, plans to be in office, probably to check out some more porn on the Internet. Friday plans to out of the office. I miss you, Boss. Win this thing and come back. Humbly, your servant.

I bet the poor thing is ready to pull her hair out, or maybe I should say, his hair out. Rick looked in his rear view mirror to see if Jenny was coming when he saw a familiar limousine coming down the street. He ducked down as it went by, thinking a little discretion might be the better part of valor. Then smiled when he saw it turn off, you just don't know when to quit do you you old man. His cell phone vibrated and he noted the ID. Damn. He pressed his voice mail and the message went there. Jenny's car appeared and he watched her park. He got out of his car to go get Lynn and Charlie. When his cell rang. He smiled at the ID, "Hello."

"Rick, we need to meet."


He heard Dejuan in the back ground, "This is not a good idea to get Rick involved in this yet. All we have is innuendo, conjecture and suspicion."

"You guys want to meet?" He paused. "I was going to take Charlie and Lynn out to dinner."


"Yes, he is Lynn's younger brother."

"Come here for lunch."

Rick sighed. "Is it really all that important?"


"Then come to my house. We can go fishing."

"Fine. What time do you want to meet up?"

"How about two?"

"Cool, see ya then, Rick." Deshaun paused. "Oh, and Rick?"

"Yeah, Deshaun?"

"Make sure you aren't followed."


Jenny carefully drove her car down the alley to park behind the old garage at the back of Lynn's old house and then waving at Lynn, Charlie and Rick she climbed into the SUV with Carl in the driver's seat.

"Okay, tell me about your brother."



"He's cool."

"Is he?"

"Yeah, he was two years old when I first met him.  He has always been my little brother, even though we are not related by blood."


"Larry was all I could think of when I was sent to foster care.  He was such a sweet little kid and stuck with those two as his parents."  She paused.  "Larry went to foster care to when cps got called on my parents."

"Ah, and was it an anonymous tip?"

Jenny gave a wicked grin.  "It was as anonymous as possible."  She paused.  "I begged my foster mom to take him in.  Joey, Larry and I became the three musketeers."

"Ah, all for one and one for all kinda thing?"

"You betcha."

to be continued...


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      thankyou i will work on that. i kinda am feeling the need for the feel of that watergate security guard... just doing his job, so to speak... remember?

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Fine follow up but seemed a bit hurried, Jean! If you were trying to go for an air of urgency you succeeded!

      The subplots are playing out well but the details are now getting too accentuated with Stacy for example!

      All in all a good read! Voting it up and still got me!

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D


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