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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part seventy one

Updated on June 23, 2011

Rick and Carl were allowed to go see Lynn in the recovery room. Intubated, she lay lifeless, breathing only when the machine gave her a breath. Tubes seemed to be coming out of her in all sorts of places. Her face was covered in dried blood. What they could see of her arms showed cuts and bruises. The PACU nurse came over.

"I am sorry. We haven't cleaned her up yet. Miss Johnson cannot tolerate that kind of stimulation right now. She is in a coma, drug induced. The Neurosurgeon has ordered a complete non-stimulating environment in order to minimize any damage to her brain when she was hypotensive."

Carl looked at Rick who could not take his eyes off of Lynn. He was in shock.

"Miss, could you please dumb down that statement? Right now my cousin and I are not doing well at seeing Lynn like this."

"Fine. No stimulation. No lights, no sounds, no touch. Nothing that can stimulate the senses. That way her brain will rest completely and hopefully recover. We don't know how much damage she suffered when her blood pressure dropped. We have her on a special medication to keep her blood pressure greater than 130, unfortunately we cannot go any higher because she suffered a hole in her heart that could start leaking again if we go higher. Usually we want the blood pressure to be around or above 160 to keep the brain perfused."

Carl shook his head. "Try again."

Dr. Clark entered the PACU to see his patient. He saw Rick and Carl there.

"Gentlemen. Please step outside while I examine the patient and then I will come out and talk with you."

The two walked out slowly.

Dr. Clark soon followed them out.

"Mr. Matthews and ..."

"Rick Richardson." The man stated evenly.

"Look. I know this is difficult."

Rick took his eyes off the floor and stared at the man. "Difficult? For us? What about her? Tell me what her chances are."

Dr. Clark took a deep breath. "She should have been dead at least three or four times over, her injuries were that severe. If her brain survives, at least she should return to the same or close to the same brain function. Her kidneys might fail and require dialysis. She suffered a laceration to the spleen, which we removed and to the liver which we repaired. Then we noticed a problem with her heart and repaired a hole in her atria. She is not out of the woods by no means, gentlemen. I can only tell you, it is a miracle that she is alive at this point in time. Neurosurgery is over her case now. Cardiology and I are consulting. We have to walk a fine line in maintaining adequate blood perfusion to the brain versus tearing stitiches that have closed the hole in her heart."

Rick was paling out the more the doctor spoke.

Carl took a deep breath He grabbed Rick and sat him down in some chairs close by.

"So you are telling me to keep a blood supply to her head, you have to keep her blood pressure up. But, by doing that, you could blow the repair made in her heart."

Dr. Clark nodded. "That is about the size of it. Look, your friend had less than a ten percent chance of surviving when she got here. Now she is has a fifty fifty chance."

Rick nodded. He folded his hands and burried his head into them. Dr. Clark reached over and patted the man on the back.

"I am sorry. I have to go and check on some more patients."

Carl nodded and thanked the man. He sat down and placed his arm around Rick.

"Stop this. She has got a fifty fifty chance."

Rick turned and glared at his cousin.

"Rick, you just have to be strong for her."

"Carl, I am running on empty right now."

"Ah, so the great Rick Richardson has a limit?" He gently teased, then realized it fell flat. "Rick, that is why I am here. You and Lynn are my family. Let me take care of you both for a while, okay?"


Deshaun and Dejuan donned Janitorial uniforms for Charity hospital after visiting the laundry and located some clean ones. They "found" a cart. They traveled to the top of the hospital and slowly were working their way down. It seemed logical. After all, they had to find the daughter of none other than Steve Hauser.


Scott continued with his research of the data for any clues that could link the Matthews in any way possible.


Larry and Joey cleaned the house, slowly due to their injures but felt they needed to earn their keep. They turned on the little TV in the kitchen making a quick lunch. They both jaw dropped as they saw Jenny standing behind the podium. Then they heard the name Lynn Johnson, critical. Joey ran to Scott.

"Can you get a hold of the twins? A friend of ours is in critical condition at Lansing county... we need to go and see what is going on."

"Hey, Joey.." Larry called out. "Charlie is at Charity."

"What?" Joey headed back to the kitchen with Scott now following behind. They watched the announcement of the car accident and the list of victims at Charity, along with the deceased.

Scott grabbed his cell phone.


John stretched from the long drive back to Lansing... after this was all over, he would have to take a nice long vacation... perhaps in the Bahamas. He smiled to himself thinking of Jenny in a string bikini.


The Attorney General and the Prosecutor of Lansing County arrived at Charity hospital. They had to check on Charlie. With all that had happened, they only had the initial statements of the witnesses in A.J. Matthews case.


"What is with that look? My dad gave me that bear. I want it back."

Charlie held it closer to him.

"Give me a break, are you a retard or something?"

"Charlie is special."

"I get it, but, that is not your bear." Katie stated, her jaw set.

"My mommy gave it to Charlie. My mommy is gone now. Mr. House borrowed it. He is gone now too. Wight?"

Katie flinched at that.

"Mr. House gave Charlie a magic key to the heart."

Katie grabbed her necklace.

"What? What magic key?"

Charlie held it up, like bait. Shining in the light, it was entwined through his fingers, a thin gold necklace with a key on it.

"That belongs to me., too."

Charlie shrugged and said, "Charlie's key. Charlie's magic key."

"Hey. Do I need to get security in here?"

"Mr. House cried. He talked on his phone and cried. He said, "Katie, Daddy is trying everything he can. You just have to hang in there."

Katie gasped. She felt like she could not breathe.

"Then he gave Charlie this" Holding the key up so she could get a closer look. "He said it was a key to his heart. He borrowed Charlie's bear."

Katie slowed her breathing down.

"Charlie, how did you know my dad?"

"He worked with Charlie on a special job for special people who don't fit."

"Don't fit?"

"Charlie is a wetard. Wight?"

"Ah, er, I am sorry about saying that."

"But Charlie is different."

"I get that. I am different too. I was born with a weak heart."

Charlie nodded.

"Your papa wanted you to have a new heart. Did he get it for you?"

"Well, sort of. A donor was found."

"No. A donor was made."


"Your papa loved you very much. He worked for bad people to get that heart for you." He paused trying to remember all the words, he did not understand them but that would not matter.

"Katie, your papa worked for those who stole oo... owwwgans."

"You mean organs?"

Charlie nodded.

"Wick says your papa would want the bad people to... get what they dddesewve." Charlie smiled. He had got the word out.

"Get what they deserve?"

Charlie nodded.

"Wick says the lock it is the key." Charlie scrunched his face. "How can a lock it be a key?"

Katie looked at him. "Your friend, Wick... I mean, Rick, he thinks my dad put something in this locket to show evidence against these people?"

Charlie looked at her totally confused.

"Um. It is okay, Charlie. I understand. At least a little. My daddy did not die by getting robbed."

Charlie shook his head. "Wick says they killed your papa."

Katie grabbed her locket. She paled at the thought. Her father was killed because she got her heart.


It was a good day. John walked up to the volunteer office and requested to talk to a PR representative in regards to the victims belonging to his company.


Jenny heard her pager go off, just as they finished with the families in the ICU. The Chaplains were busy talking with the most critical patient's family members. Jenny realized that Lynn was not the only one in danger. She went to a phone and answered then returned to Janice.

"A representative of the Matthews Toy Company is here. He wants to talk to me. It should be a friend of mine."

Janice gave her an encouraging smile.

"You have done well." She reached around the back of the girl and pulled the tie, then slid the apron off. "Now go do your stuff."


Jenny got off on main and headed around to her office where she thought Rick would be waiting. She needed to hear how Lynn was doing.

As she hurriedly opened her door, she stopped just in side the door as she saw the man who was asking to see her.

"Ah, Miss Lundstrom. Nice office... you seem to be doing all right for yourself."

The man closed the distance between the two of them and shut the door behind Jenny.


Janice looked at her watch. It was now going on six o'clock. She was glad that she had the foresight to have Sam's sister pick up the kids from school. Remembering the conversation, she smiled.

"Me? You want Auntie Sandy to pick up the kids today? What? So you two can have a night out?"

"Come on Sandra."

"No worries. I heard about the accident. While you and Sam save the world, this lowly gardener will pick up your children."

"What lowly gardener? You are a landscaping architect and a great one at that."

"Ah, now you are trying to butter me up?"

"Do you know how much I am glad that you are my sis-in-law?"

"I bet lots and lots right now. Just teasing." Sandy sighed. "Janice, take care of my brother. You know how he gets at times like these."

"I know."

Janice looked around to find the man in question. He wasn't in the ICU. So that would mean... yeah, Jenny's friend.


Rick leaned back in his chair.

"Carl. I have loved that woman over eight years."

"Eight years? Rick, you guys just got together these last few months."

"No. I saw her eight years ago struggling with a project that would have brought even Mrs. Smith to her knees. Her boss at the time was out of leave. She never gave up. She was like a tiny power house in a beautiful package."

"Why the hell didn't you do anything?"

"How could I? You know our family. Eight years... this last month has changed my life forever and now... now I might lose her. God, life is a joke." He clenched his fist tightly.

"Rick. If I know anything about my assistant she will fight hard to stay here with you. She won't leave you." Wondering suddenly about his Jenny... had it really only been a month...

Rick shook his head to clear it. It had to be said.

"Carl. I have something to tell you. It may well cost me my life, " He gave a tiny laugh. "But if this hasn't taught me anything, it is this... life is precious and fleeting. When you find someone you love, you must protect her. You must hold onto her."

"Rick, what the hell are you talking about?"


Janice found him. He was sitting in the little chapel all by himself. He looked worn and tired. She sat down and folded her hands, bowing her head.

Sam looked over at her. He reached over and placed his hand on hers. She looked up and gave him her most kindest smile. He pulled her hand to his lips and then held her hand while the two bowed their heads together.


"Jenny." He now had his hand flat on the door, leaning in towards her, he lifted her chin up to look in those deep blue eyes that were now flashing with anger. He smiled. "It was all an act. A good one at that. And I must say you did have me going in the park. But that wasn't you."

"I could dislocate your knee or take away your manhood in just one move, Mr. Matthews."


Jenny realized he had her completely blocked. She really had no moving room.

"See, do you think that after all these years, I would not have some skills. Besides, if you beat me up because of something so trivial as my attraction to you, who would they believe? A fine upstanding business man like me who can have any woman he wants or a girl from the poor side of the tracks. Just play nice, Jenny, that is all I am asking. I can make your wildest dreams come true."

"You are evil."

"No. I just like to think I am an opportunist. And when I see what I want, I will go to any means to get it." He took his finger and ran down the side of her face causing Jenny to shiver.

"Besides," he continued. "I am not like A.J. given to fits of rage. I am more like someone who motivates people in giving me what I want."

"What is it... you want ... exactly."

"I would say world domination, but I am too lazy for that. I just want you. I want your soul, your mind and your" He gave her a once over with his eyes, then licked his lips. "Everything."

Jenny started to feel like she was twelve. She was looking at her stepfather. I can't let this happen. God, dear God, help me. Suddently her pager went off.

to be continued...


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      you do know i would have given up on this long ago... my shy fans that i am grateful for, don't give me feedback, hee. the end cometh.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Great Action Drama and Flow, Jean! This has me at the edge of my seat and I'm really into this story! The plot and scene changes are awesome.

      The Characters are so very real in the way that they interact,which makes this perfectly suited for a cable miniseries on a HBO or similar network!

      Keep up the good work and try to give yourself time to recuperate as well!Voted up and Awesome!

      Regards Mike(Aka Professor M!) ;D


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