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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part twenty-one

Updated on June 6, 2011

Two very sore bruised plastered young men lay side by side in the semi private room. One lone balding lawyer with a bouquet of flowers stood between the men.

"When I get a hold of that...."

Sal held up a placating hand. "We were not prepared for this kind of attack, Larry. Calm down."

"You calm down." He managed to get out thru his wired jaw. "I can't believe I was so stupid."

Joey shook his head. "Sal, how is Jenny?"

Larry looked a little sheepish. "Yeah, is she safe? We haven't seen her for a while."

"Well, you know what Jenny is like."

"She is not going after the creep who did this, is she?" Joey attempted to sit up then ruefully slid back against the bed using the button to make the head raise.

Sal put the flowers on the nightstand between the two beds. "Look guys, Jenny is going to take care of this. You two need to concentrate on getting better. As soon as we can, we will move you to a rehab hospital over in Lansing county." He paused, "The bar is going to be closed for the next month. That should give you both time to get on your feet."

"So that is why Jenny mentioned a month before?" Larry shook his head remembering.


Jenny waved as a fortyish rotund man in a three piece suit strolled over to her.

"Matthew, I am so glad we could meet up today."

"Anything for my favorite analyst. You single handily saved my Bank." The older man looked upon Jenny with a twinkle in his eye. "So how are you doing?"

"Well, I am...okay. I guess."

"Come on," as the man waved to his driver who pulled up in a black sedan. "Let's talk over lunch."


Steve looked at Rick's data on the daily report.

"How can we down ten percent?" He paused, "If we keep this up, our stock will fall."

Rick was looking at his nails as if rather unconcerned by it all.

"What can I say, Steve?' glancing up at the older man. "It is the economy. How can parents buy toys when they need to buy food and clothing for their children?"

Steve laughed. "Yeah. I am about ready to purchase a moped or something if gas keeps going up." He looked at the calender. "Rick, we only have twenty four days left."

"We still have time." Rick looked at the calendar and shrugged. "It is what it is." he got up and pulled on his suit coat. "Go home and take care of that family of yours. It's friday...for God's sake."

Steve nodded with a quick goodbye, wondering, Rick is just not his usual self....


"They did what?"

"They moved the CO down to sales." Jenny took a drink and thought, Slow down. Don't rush. "When my friend told me of the change, I thought you should know."

"Well, it is true that we are their lenders." Mathew thought this thru. "That guy, Rick Matthews, he is a cheetah. Always about the bottom line. Hell, he is why the company is still alive in this economy."

"Really?" She batted her eyes at the man. "I did not know he was that good. I figured he got demoted because he did a bad job."

"Interesting.... though." He paused again, thinking harder.

Jenny stifled a smile as she took another sip of her drink.



"Who is the CO as of now?"

"Oh, I am not sure." pausing as if to think harder. "I think it is the Chairman, right now."

"That guy?" Looking at his watch... "Jenny, I would love to stay and chat more but... well, I need to go."

"Oh, okay. Can you drop me off by my car?"

"Sure. Oh, and Jenny, " the man rubbed his chin, "Let's just keep this conversation between us."

"Okay. But I did not mean to upset you. I just worry about my friend too much, I guess."

"That is what I have always appreciated about you, Jenny. Your loyalty is something to behold."

She laughed as they got up to leave.


"Mrs. Smith, where are those quarterly reports?"

"I left them on your desk." The assistant sighed to herself, as she let off the intercom.

"Really? Come in here please. I cannot seem to find them."

Mrs. Smith tiredly got up from her desk, muttering to herself, just right to those porn magazines of yours.

"Thank you." Dismissing her.



"Did you sign the vouchers for research and development for their trip this week?"

"Oh, where are those?"

To the left of your playboy mag, but kept that to herself., as she leaned over and pointed to them.

"Here they are, sir."

He signed, she removed the paper. "And here." taking the paper. "And here." taking the paper.

Soon the man's desk was cleared, except for the playboys.

"Is that all for today?"

"Sure." as she headed out the door, she wondered if she could have put in for her own raise for all the time he spent reading the papers he signed.


Matthew waved as Jenny left in her car. He grabbed his cell out and hit his speed dial.


"yeah, I know it is a little late in the day for this. Pull out the prospectus on the Matthews Toy company."

"I know, but there has been a change in management. They put that fool of a Chairman in the CO position."

"Hee. How else would he have become Chairman in a family like that? Blackmail, my friend."

"Confirm their quartely reports over the last year. Make sure there is nothing inflated or imaginary about it."

"I know it's the weekend, but I want this on my desk on Monday."

"I knew I could count on you."


Lynn and the rest of the crew at the Deaf school gathered to say their goodbyes. It had been a strange and enlightening week. Brutal honesty seemed the basis of this society, as their instructors explained that communication with the deaf was straight forward. After all, the subtle nuances of intonation did not exist in the deaf world. Sign was to the point. Grammar was also different, since it was the context of which a sign was used that made it mean something. Being verbs had little use. The team seemed to be charged up and ready to set about designing the specialty toys, with a promise to return the next week to allow the children a chance to see if they liked them.

Joe and his group had an interesting series of goodbyes. Several of his crew had lost their hearts to the children who strove in darkness to survive this world. With the promise to return in a week, each of the team were given thank you braille cards. Climbing into the van for the journey home, Joe smiled as he glanced at his cards. Then he noticed one was slightly different. It held a translated message. "Call me, XXX-xxxx."


Rick smiled at the text message. "Sure has been a long week, but I would not have changed anything for the world. Can't wait to get home."

"Barbecue at my house. Seven O'clock sharp. Bring Charlie. I should pick you up at Six."

Lynn smiled as she read the message, closing her eyes for the long journey home.


Just as Rick pulled into his driveway, he felt the vibration in his pocket.

"Mission accomplished. Phase one complete."

Phase two would be finished by next week, Rick thought with a smile as he gathered the pile of contracts sitting on his back seat. He neatly placed them into a box and put them in the trunk of his car.

to be continued....


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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      thankyou Mike. i have appreciated the time you took out to comment on this story. I have taken them to heart... and i have finally found the spellcheck on the edit section. i will hopefully not make any more of those irritating mistakes. as i am a novice, i appreciate your advice, take care.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      Back on track and the story is true to form! This is every bit as good as the previous chapters, meow48!

      The scenes are detailed, intelligently laid out, fluid and the plot is easily followed. The character development is bang on target! Great work!

      Voted this part up Jean!

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M) ;D