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I laugh at the forest

Updated on February 4, 2014
My art of fish.
My art of fish. | Source

I laugh at the forest trees of crystal leaves.

I see the forest shining crystal leaves through the rays of the sun.

The forest is changing its leaves into chandelier.

Crystal tears in forest trees.

The forest is filled with icy diamond leaves.

The forest gives me purple apple seedlings as pearly beads.

These beads link each leaf in a colorful breeze.

My heart is touched by purple green leaves

I run past the clearness of my heart in earthly crust of white.

The rush of pebbles rolls in dusty ice.

That carries the breeze as dusty sparkles.

That links my darkness towards my first love of leaves.

I question myself after have I am done gazing at the forest.

Lightning upon stars that twinkles the leaves.

I drink this fantasy in my mind.

Copyright(c) Shamela 26 / February / 2012


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    • shamela profile image

      shamela 5 years ago

      Thank you donnaisabella for your comment.

      I like nature too.

      I am happy you liked the description of the forest in my poem.

      You too can have the creative gift.

      Just use your imagination to create beauty.

      I hope you keep hubbing too.

    • donnaisabella profile image

      Donaisabella 5 years ago from Fort Myers

      I am standing right by you in the quite forest and gazing at the crystal leaves. I wonder if it is winter or fall but none the less, I am also thrilled by what you are looking at. I love being alone with nature too and your description here simply takes me away to that place. Shamela you capture emotions in picture form so well, I wish I could do it like that, but I am thankful you can do it and I am here to share in your joy. Good writing. Keep hubbing.